What's Grand Mullahs end game?

It’s clear he has a bias for ruto. Has the thief from sugoi promised grand mullah some big job?

Next attorney general perhaps?

the same people that celebrated miguna’s deportation are shouting loudest

The next election will be disputed. As a lawyer, you pick your side early and prove your allegiance. If you are street smart, you pick the side that seems to have money to burn. Whatever the outcome at the courts will be, is none of your business.


  1. Ati bring him back, kwani yeye ni TBT?

  2. Kama Miguna [despite him being a Kenyan Citizen and the fact that there subsists multiple Orders by the High Court, which have neither been appealed from nor set aside] hajarudi, sembuse some obscure ottoman?

Uhuru is a. OJINGA.

Ameingia deep into this succession politics sana…
Ata yule og Clif ombeta pia anapepeta siasa ya mbotoms up proper

Cliff anataka kiti huko Kisii

Things could have been done quietly bila kelele. Look at the way Ocalan, the kurdish leader was picked up and flown to turkey without much drama.
The minister of interior can cancel a foreigners work and residence permit at anytime. This gives the government powers to remove the foreigner with any means necessary. This is done everytime in the so called democratic states in the West.
You are told to appeal ukiwa huko kwenyu:D

Persona non grata hawezi ingia jamhuri.

[SIZE=6]Very surprised that Miguna Miguna has gone to court to be allowed to come back to his country of birth…what a cowardly act. I thought he said he was an NRA GENERAL. Why doesn’t he storm Kenya from Kisumu and go straight to his house at Runda… coward General Miguna!!![/SIZE]
.— Ahmednasir Abdullahi (@ahmednasirlaw) February 13, 2018