What's Going On Here....?

Sioni shida, and it’s cost effective.


Amenyimwa ndege.


Looking for sympathy.


Kenyans act strangely. If someone uses a helicopter, they’re called wasteful. But if they use a cheaper option like Jambojet, people still complain. Also, Kenyans often vote for corrupt leaders instead of honest ones. Watu wanataka aje? Jameni!

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It looks like what the Military call a “Run Bag” …

For any unstable Politician , it would pack the following :-

  • a few items of clothing and toiletries.
  • a valid passport.
  • Mobile Phones.
  • International Credit Cards.
  • a reliable Torch ( …to navigate Caves , Bushes and other suitable hidden spots ,)
  • a substantial amount of Foreign Currency and Gold Bars to purchase favour or freedom.

The list is endless … :joy: :hotsprings:

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Kenyans wanapenda ku complain sana. Akipanda jambojet Kuna shida? Akihire private jet Bado Kuna shida?

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On the other hand ,
He could just have been carrying some “Muchere na Nyama” to eat on the flight … :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Hiyo ndiye maneno ya sasa…forget the theatrics! :star_struck:


Sympathy seeking from low IQ Mt. Kenya residents.

Wako zile za woishe Jagathiis being mistreated. Same trick Zakayo used.


When he attended the Akurino event, I heard him apologize for being late due to traffic …his juniors arrived in choppers …I like the way he’s responding to crisis

Commercial Class…hehe is there such??

Ati carrying a bag into the plane was the issue??? !:grinning:

Ask 2NK operators how I drag my huge bag into their mats mpaka kwa drivers cabin.
I never even allow them to keep it in the boot. Sometimes the bag changes the gear. Villager Forever

What went wrong for state house watchman and shareholder no2 …we the Azimionites we care less

Where are the Mamas to use their buddy system and save the situation? :star_struck:

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Wednesday, July 12, for the first time addressed claims by National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah that leadership does not require village indulgence.

Speaking in Mombasa during the opening of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya International Scientific Conference, Gachagua remarked that he was bemused why someone would criticise him for being a villager.

Acknowledging his roots, he stated that after the conference, he would fly to Nairobi for a short period of time and then proceed to his village.

“You know, every person has somewhere they came from and everyone has a home,” he stated adding that in cities like Nairobi and Mombasa, people come to earn a livelihood.

“I do not know why anybody would have a problem with where we all come from.”

He added that Kenyans should be proud of their origin and identity and no one should make them feel embarrassed.

Additionally, he told leaders who are branding other politicians as villagers to stop the disrespect.

Ichung’wah had on June 6, remarked that it was impossible to build a kingdom with someone who still craved attention from his village.

The Deputy President remarked that he would not be cowed into speaking Swahili or English when he visits his village in Nyeri County adding that using vernacular was a way of showing respect to your origin.

On Tuesday, Ichung’wah had alluded that Gachagua’s endearment to the Mt Kenya region was a way to blackmail President William Ruto.

“Neither President William Ruto nor the Government of Kenya or MPs will succumb to blackmail. No amount of sympathy-seeking photos, vernacular station campaigns, or social media blogging troops will hand over billions to satisfy anyone,” he stated.

Ichung’wah’s statement was made hours after a photo of DP Gachagua flying to Mombasa using the national carrier went viral.

President William Ruto on Tuesday moved to unlock a two-year stalemate with his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta when he called him to resolve more than Sh1 billion delayed facilitation.

State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohammed announced that a team headed by the Head of Public Service had been formed to address concerns raised by Uhuru.


“This morning, President William Ruto had a conversation with his predecessor in office, the 4th President, President Uhuru Kenyatta, regarding concerns about facilitating the functioning of the retired President’s office… The President has consequently constituted a team, led by the Head of Public Service, to immediately address all the issues raised, including the location of the retired President’s office and the attendant staff establishment,” Hussein posted on X.

We must have Riggy G in State House in 2032.
And you must help us. Penda usipende.