What's cooking?

Last week I saw an advert by these guys in the Daily Nation. Am aware that by 2019 there will probably be not more than 15 banks in Kenya.Could they be planning entry through acquisition?


Acqusition on which banks though? Dubai & Imperial are literally salvages. Chase may be their play.

they had the best deal on chase but they were shortchanged and kcb took their place

Yes they are planning an entry. Its actually a requirement to publish your statements for a period of time to do business with Gava. Not sure about specifics though. Looks to me they are planning to be on the lending side to the government.

They were angling for Dubai then it went South then they pitched for Chase but kcb made the touchdown. I think they could be sniffing out for Rafiki since it’s anticipated that kcb will cut them loose and have chase bank focus on sme. Or any other player