Whatever you want to call it

This time I’m caught in a crossfire between writing and not writing . On one side stands a mass of words that i lack a word for, while the other stands just but letters which could not literally fit in an envelope. I’m inclined to join the winning side, mostly because they said, if you cant beat them, join them. whoever they and them are have always been a mystery. Why we listen; i don’t know, guess we cant re-write history. So i join the letters side to make words, which makes me a winner of words. These words that i write to you. You who is caught in the crossfire like me or you who is across a fire, fighting fire with fire. An act of bravery that some will conspire and others who may or may not admire. But why you got to be cold? Matter of fact i take back my words. No you not cold,Ice is, ask ISIS or any other terror group that inflicts terror; aint this the violence era? Well i say fuck that. We the dark children living under the sun rays of Africa, so even if we move to Antarctica, our hearts will forever remain warm. #PEACE


Everything okay bro?

guokdeno umerudi? karibu.

Yah just thoughts running errands.