Whatever You Carry Between Your Legs

Ever wondered why with some women the convo has to go the poochie way?

You’d be having a very harmless banter or intellectual discourse and then bam! She goes “you’ll never ferk me”

Usually you’d end up ferking them anyways

And find out what the male race has always found out: Women who go poochie suddenly have the worst shimos since tea room malayas…

They keep on making the poochie announcements to add value onto their useless selfs.

I used to tell them hawajui kuosha kuma with fifty fifty confidence…

Now I am like, whats the use? …let her use her uncircumcised shimo kukojoa mkojo yellow


Ukichengwa kubali.


Si wewe hukula kwenu tu?

Bingwa umesema ukweli.

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I don’t get it.

You end up fucking them but you’re still mad at them?

Ama you’re lying about one of those two variables


naskia hujui kuosha hio kuma yako muzeeee

:D:D:D savage

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did I read “uncircumcised”? dude!

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hahahaha welcome to ktalk

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naskia ulianzisha forum

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Wacha story mob lete hekaya .

Huyu amechomwa. Leta hekaya

Kee kee kheee