Whatever we do Kenyans...please listen

Many are complaining about equity bank, i don’t know ama ni propaganda or what, but even if you plan to move your accounts…
please move to Kenyan majority owned banks… mhindi owned banks are a tricky affair…

wakenya ata hawana pesa ya ‘kumove’ after kulipa rent ya hii njaaanuary…kumekauka mbaya!


Most people complaining about Ekwete have transactional accounts only. The bank can open those faster than you can close em. Watu wa fearshara ndio wanajua umuhimu wa kuwa na account huko.

I agree. Support Kenyan businesses every opportunity you get

These rumours are the ones that cause run on banks.
Stop forwarding nonsense as received.
Does it mean we should be moving money after every negative social media post?

Anza kutumia kichwa na mwaka mpya.

Wacha kukauka!
Crb je?Tala, branch na wengineo kushinda na text ?

Ningro dont know.

hey whether i talk about it or not, people are all over complaining… am i just cautioning people…
read to under-stand not to reply nugu ya savanna wewe

You’re just aiding the spread of fake news like every other low iq nugu.
The fake news in this case having the potential to cause mass panic and grave consequences on people’s finances.
Is it that hard to use your head?
When you “caution” them to move money to certain banks, what do you think will happen when 10 million Kenyans take your advice and line up at Equity tomorrow.

You’re the people who should have been left in 2018.

what fake news am i spreading,
1.There are complains on social media from non-anonymous customers who are telling the bank to sort their issues…
2.Am just cautioning people not to fall for foreign banks just in case the propaganda becomes un-stoppable and they start moving…

What am telling people is like “there are rumours of fake malaria medicine, am nt sure but if you think the rumour is true, don’t drink poison, take better medicine”

  1. The common theme is the same. Your money is not safe at Equity.
  2. Whether they take it to foreign or local banks, moving money en masse from a bank as big as Equity will have devastating effects to the financial sector.
  3. We have seen this script before, and we have enough experience to know how fake news evolves. It starts with a tale, whether genuine or otherwise. In this case for example, when one side is spreading news of Equity’s imminent collapse, another side is spreading a list of so called ‘safe banks’, and banks to avoid.

It was the case with Chase and Family bank, when so called ‘too big to fail’ list of banks was being forwarded on Whatsapp, alongside a caution to withdraw their money by end of day.

At the end of the day, both sides of the fake news help in bringing the bank down.

You “advising” people on where to move their money helps spread the message. That Equity is not safe.
Anyone reading your “caution” and did not even know of the original tale will now want to find out.

The claims brought against equity are valid, if it triggers a run let it be a good lesson for them

Chase bank was a different case man, it was massive illegalities that go against the banking laws of kenya that were taking place, where there were rumours that the bank will crash…
Equity is just isolated dubious withdraws from accounts that happens all the time in the banking industry, but banks that are responsible deal with it in very smart ways…

Can there be mass customer movement because of such problems of funny cash losses from a few customers??? i doubt…

Just like Idd Admin, Equity were too busy growing they refused to listen to their customers.When the time comes, they will have to answer for their transgressions. Data collected over seven years indicates that every second visit to Equity ATMs ends up in disappointment either due to faulty or empty cash machines. Customers have complained for years but the bank has been too busy expanding instead of fixing such basic matters. There is no way I was going to sign-up for an Equitel sim card when their ATMs could not give me satisfactory service. If they could not keep their ATMs working as expected, it was unlikely they would manage Equitel services to satisfactory levels. As I always advice businesses, taking care of your most demanding customers is the easiest way to ensure that the rest are contented.

Ni sawa. We know you are ikuîtî employee. Customer care iko down sana

the last time i was someones payroll was 2011…

Truth be told, 95% of kenyans live hand to mouth, while the so called middle class is usually one Toyota Prado away from being totally broke, if not 1 Indian cancer treatment bill away from being totally poor

Hapo umeongea sana, the sooner we admit the better

Equity bank ni :meffi: dumpsite
I will never deposit in that bank