Whatever happened to...

Anne Waiguru? News za Machozi Monday na Jacob Juma zimekuwa zimeshika sana tukamsahau.

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Pesa zake ziko in the works…
Acha tungoje akuwe exonerated, in a short while.
Halafu campaign za gubernatorial zianze :slight_smile:

Kenyans na akili kama ya ngiri. Alafu kwa MM na JJ. ongezea Evans Gikunda na Nyaga Nyaga.


Much of what was said about Waiguru was malicious fiction and the objective was to harm Uhuru (thongs-of-desire), preserve poverty in Kibera and regain footing for tenderpreneurs. Once she left, the flames ebbed. Same with Eurobond: two months ago, it was a religion. Now it’s IEBC.

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Waiguru deserved to go. Jubilee boys will tell you that CORD was using Waiguru as a scapegoat to attack Uhuru’s administration but remember the first complaints about Waiguru came from within Jubilee (Linturi). The woman was arrogant and corrupt. She thought because she is a Kikuyu and close to Uhuru she could do whatever she likes. EACC opened her case, closed it and then reopened it again which means she must have erred somewhere.

Remember when Ruto was accused of the Maize scandal. He presented papers and persons to parliament who vouched for him until the opposition at the time agreed that there was no case against him. Waiguru did not present any papers or persons to help her case, infact what she did is mention her partners in crime (Duale) which only supported what the opposition was saying. Credit to the opposition for doing their job on this one.


The moment the NYS scandal opened up to a web that was spun within political figures from both divides clearly buried the case. It started with the whistle-blowing, opposition came hard on the administration, Jubilee countered the opposition citing political meddling by opposition and that no chums were lost.
EACC danced to the tune by clearing Waiguru(I suspect money changed hands or rather the Government of the day pulled it’s what or rather sheer incompetence).

Came the dosier through an affidavit probably case of a deal gone sour between Waiguru and her partner in crime, EACC came to the party once more , Waiguru again resurfaced with another dossier implicating collaborators(Duale & Kipchumba) rather than exonerating herself. More twist rather came in on the mention of more political figures and more so a train of MPs that included members of the opposition who had took some slices through rouge tenders and Alas! Scandal kwisha!

As usual sisi warthogs kucheswo na diversions ndogo ndogo na the same figures that steal under our nose

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Waiguru with her counterparts stole alot of money she should have been pushed to jail

Btw who is that CS that used to visit JJ’s penthouse for some DF session?
Your guess is as good as mine.

Ni mgani?

na uwache kutajataja the kenyan jews ovyo ovyo ,ngui