What your eating habit say about your sex life

There is something deeply intimate about the
relationship between a person and their food. How a
person eats can give a pretty accurate picture of how
they go about things in the bedroom.
If you are choosy about your food choices, probably,
you are also choosy about your sexual partner. If you
gobble up your food hurriedly, you probably think
foreplay is a waste of time. You also don’t enjoy
lengthy sex rituals meant to enhance pleasure.

If you are a slow eater, your sexuality is a highly
personal matter that shouldn’t be made public or
rushed. In fact, you often come across as highly
disinterested in sex.

However, when it does happen with the right person,
you enjoy it thoroughly. If you love super hot, peppery
and spicy foods, chances are that you are a highly
intense and passionate person who wants it right
here, right now.

If you prefer your food with minimal toppings, spices
and flavours, you also like your patners simple and
uncomplicated. If you always take the last coveted
piece of cake, you are probably a selfish, self serving
lover who neglects their partner in pursuit of personal

If you lick your fingers unashamedly after a great
meal, you are probably quite sensual and not
ashamed of your sexuality.

If you have the perfect table manners, chewing
silently and taking care not to take big bites, spill food
or talk with food in your mouth, you probably also have
sex the same way. Perfectly.

You prefer missionary, you clean up immediately
after, you do it silently and are not experimental with
sexual techniques. Women, when you see a man
eating in a way that is likely to put you off, don’t bolt
off just yet. Probably he’s good in bed.

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So what if you are super fast eater who likes hot peppery and licks his fingers???




mi hula everything; ugali, wali, githeri, managu, chai, supu na mboga. all mashed up with water on the side…

I eat only when I have to. Explain this too @leky84

hapana kojolea post ya newbie saana at least leo haku-post link…

I am on a regimented diet. Explain that too

Favourite food. Na lamba mikono kapsaa. What does it say bout mine?

at least she’ll the eggs and remove the husks from the cob babaa… otherwise, I’m envious

Ole Sidai tings

she will what?

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Where is she in the picture?

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shell, for fuck’ s sake…we should really rethink auto-correct considering we correct it more oft than it does us!

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You know, that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me all year…




I just hope hii water on the side si ile huwa ya kunawa yenye imetumika kunawa na sabuni ya toyo ndio unamalizia!!!