What you won't see in Kenyan Githeri Media

I believe if we had a lot of stories like this in our mainstream media rather than BBI and Ruto Raila and Uhur this and that, we will be a better country full of innovation because of the information we feed on


I watched it a week or so ago on YouTube and thought the same. French and Germany English channels are very positive sometimes.

These media outlets care more about their pockets than actually having great content. I’m sure they would broadcast explicit stuff if they weren’t banned to do it by KFCBs Ezekiel Mutua.

Mlisema diffence ya documentary na feature ni nini wadau

Shida ni media regulatory boards is full of mediocrity. Kuna jamaa anasomea journalism halafu hawa pewi job. Wanaokota Malaya Kwa streets ndio anchor. Juzi kuna chokosh imitated vybz kartel saa hii ako job.
its time to reign on those shitty media houses. People with brain ndio ATI wanapewa job.

Hakuna porno Kwa documentary.

Why doesn’t the “educated” journalist start his own station?

Kenya start up ndio Noma shida ni hizi license za ufala. No wonder people with stable supply of net stream online station kama Netflix. Saa hii Kenyan station are struggling advert zilitupwa online. 5g coverage ikiingia Kenya that will be the death of mediocrity in our Media.

5g is not very different from 4g.

You thinking starting a station is as easy as getting your mom’s coochie dripping wet?

It was 10 times much more difficult for SK than for you. Folks like complaining endlessly. How difficult is it to set up a youtube channel and start from there?

Our media is owned by politicians.

Media is a tool of controlling the masses, not a tool of enlightening the masses. Lazima mjue ivo.

As Kenyan we expect too much from scoundrels, ilhali tunajua uchafu ndo inaeza toka kwao.

We should be realistic.

Media iko owned na Gideon Moi. Prince Karim the Aga Khan, who is a Parasitic Capitalist, minding only his profit.
Uhuru Kenyatta, Parasitic Capitalist.
SK Macharia, Capitalist.

Heri ata Amednassir media house yake inafocus na mambo za wasomali mostly