What Year Did Kenya Start Going Astray?

The answer is 1964 then in 1978 we jumped from the pan to the fire.

We accumulated our debt during Uhuru. No one lent Moi any money. So he couldnt do as much harm as Uhuru did. But Moi didnt move us forward

1982 after the kuu

when they voted in uhuru ruto the first time. we was done for.

Kenya went astray when? Shakahola!..country full of religious dimwits…

Idiots who think there is a potential heaven in the sky… instead of their here and now…

Religion is Kenya’s worst virus…it mentally disables and confuses 90+% of the populace…

Kenya is cultic…from Ojinga cult to Shakahola…kukosa logical independent deductive thinkers…

The reason China etc works now ni kukosa mental upuzi ingrained in religion Kenya…

Once bonobos realize njeso or moha ni upuzi…and they reflect upon reality…then real change can happen…

Kenya can understand it is imaginary…and Africa will catch up…maybe…

It is sad that most Kenyan Kids don’t get to reflect on life and reality until its a bit late in the day…most never even

I have no problem with what Uhuru has done for this country, call me blind but I have eyes that can see. From the infrastructure across various counties to ICT, robust international relations to balance of the economy. This wont have been done if it was not the brains that were put to work. The team that was set up during the period particularly in the second term delivered, this is what we were looking forward to but didnt get someone to do it.

Dude the guy himself said 2 billion is stollen daily. Ruto just doubled it.

1 day after ‘independence.’ Mzungu alifanya makosa kubwa kuachia mwafrika a multibillion business which is the government, and assuming Africans were now at par with the west.

2007 changed the trajectory,

Theres some weaknesses to the system but look at the general good that was done. I bet you would be taking longer to get to your place of work each morning for instance.

you said we call you blind and al oblige

Urongooo, when you were born dunia ilijua Kuna extremely low IQ bonobo imekuja

when were you born? IMF and moi were bedding together. they imposed conditions and MO1 has to buy military grade lube to accomodate them… ngombe ici

Moi was working on a budget of 200 Billion, including IMF loans. Uhuru was stealing 700 billion plus a year.

we never had many millionares then, in Macho nyanya, billionares were in Forbes magazine

uhurus time 2013 to 2022 he borrowed aimlessly

[li]When we gained independence, there was a blue print for the country’s economic development that was unfortunately not followed, upgraded or rewritten.[/li][li]Moi followed Kenyatta’s footprints literary of taking the country on a free-mode, without any concrete economic plan. It was all about managing politics![/li][li]Kibaki came and tried to develop a plan but went astray in the second term because of politics.[/li]Uhuruto came in and failed to advance the 2030 blueprint.
[li]Now Ruto is doing damage control using a highly risky economic model.[/li][/ul]

When lancaster house conferences dropped the majimbo idea. Imagine all the time and money wasted, and peoples suffering due to tribalism over the next 60 years in national politics.

Next, when head of state and head of government were merged into one, the beginnings of the imperial presidency

We missed the bus when we started depending on the West to do our infrastructure and at the same time borrowed from them.

We grow they nasty cash crops and they dictate the prices. Sell 1Kg for 1 Dollar and import the same processed sh!t back at 1Kg for 5+ Dollars. They loan us their planes and we pay for them over decades enslaving us.

We have everything at the same time we have nothing.

Atleast mo1 didn’t allow inflation to happen