What would you do....

Jana nilicomment, leo wacha nisome za wengine.

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I guess you are not in good terms with your step-mom then. Is your dad still together with your mum?

@ Chloe I discovered my ex was cheating on me with many loose ugly bishes them years ago. I had no idea so to say that I was heartbroken is actually an understatement. He denied it all while still asking me to forgive him!!!. I cried tears that can fill River Thames. Then I heard all kind of stories about some of the bishes he had been with as in ati some of their exes walikuwa infected na HIV. I hit an all time low. My Dad asked me to go back home as I was on the phone to them every single night and he paid for my ticket. But first I had to gather guts and head to the hosi for STD checks. I picked a ticket no 64 and waited.
As I sat there lonely and far away from home crying silently, I made a decision that I would go home and pack his stuff and change the locks. That was it.
Nikapewa counselling by the nurse about the results etc…have never felt so scared. Thankfully all was well but had to go back after 6 months just to be sure. Anyways, I went to Jamu and my Mum could not believe that was me and told me to leave him. Had lost a lot of weight and borderline depressed.
I flew back changed the locks, put his clothes in black bags and changed phone numbers. Out in the cold harsh winter. A lot of people thought I was mean but well you do not go sleeping around and expect me to sit back. Furthermore I knew how much he hated condoms. He would wait for me outside my ‘wek’ in tears trying to beg back as he was living with friends and hia no one is really your ‘friend’ when it comes to accommodation. I would be like how about you go and live with those bishes?

I started having cognitive memories baada ya kutupwa nikaishi na shosh. Kitu '95/96 hapo.

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pole boss. pitia pale Hekaya section utuangushie kamoja.

When I’ll be ready. Pretty much before Tuesday.

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