What would you do....

This thread is in relation to https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/how-far-would-you-go.47660/page-2#post-992506 which I posted earlier but now the question here goes to both parties, Blue and Pink handlers. I thought it wise to post it as an entity thread.

One of the convicts aboard the Jailbird, Billy Bedlam, is guilty of murdering his wife’s lover after catching them both in an adulterous relationship. He then proceeded to murder her entire family, including the dog, (I had to emphasise this).

I remember catching my then after highschool bae with another girl, and because I had a spare key to his house, I dumped all his clothes and beddings in water then proceeded block the kitchen sink and left the water running. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But Billy Bedlam here does the wicked of all even killing a dog.

What would you do or what did you do?

You are one unstable mkamba, give me your current boyfriend/partner/husband contacts so that we warn him/her that you are a nutcase.

You trashed your high schools boyfriends house? When you are in high school you are just kids, you can’t call that a relationship, if you can be this extreme when you were just fooling around as kids, I wonder what you are capable of now.

Sasa wacha niketi kando nione what others are capable of


I am more mature now. Walking away solves all my sorrows. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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Clever move

so umezeeka kama kabogo eeh? vie kama independent sasa




si watu wanatafuta ratings

Hapa mchwa walipewa through pass. Hakuna kukula mbao kwanza.


Uliuliza na ukajijibu. For that reason am out.

@Chloe niaje mrembo?

Didn’t catch the person in the act but found a woman’s panties in his shower and a million condom wrappers on the bedroom floor… he gave me a half ass excuse, tried forgiving him, but the betrayal was too much, so broke it off…

A miillion? Alikuwa kitombi?

@Jergen vipi madam?

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Nimesema a million ndio watu waimagine vile zilikuwa zimejaa… I think ilikuwa kamarathon ka a few days…
@It’s Le Scumbag poa

Mimi I learnt to keep whatever info regarding infidelity on people I know to myself. The other day I told my dad vile bibi yake hucheza away & it seems like amekaliwa chapo na huyo mlunje.

Just minding my butt ckuizi.

This went beyond crime of passion and became a crime of ultimate hate and cruelty. Totally no justification. Also, what you did to your puppy-love was not good. Very few people end up sharing their entire life with their first relationship. That kind of possessiveness and vengefulness was unhealthy. Kwani she was more beautiful or better game?


No, hekaya ain’t coming any soon. Heavy tongue.


No comment

ate what, your dad? Bibi yake? mama yako…?

:eek::eek::eek::eek: Messed up shit.

Stepmom. His so-called wife.