What would you do if your wife/gf cheats

personally,i would castrate her face so she wouldn’t cheat any man again.I wouldn’t have a problem with the guy for we all know its our calling to fuck.
I repeat,Castrate the goddamn the face.Asande.


You need to elaborate on this shit cuz ni kama ana balls kwa chin




Sikuona ni nv. …

Nanii kama umekamuliwa bibi tulia. The po-sy is only uas when its ua turn

Jinga NV

NV, usketi…that’s for puhnanees…lakini jua akicheat uko tu deon

NV nî nguiiiii

James uko na ka umalaya


Karibu kitu nv

castrate the face of a lady because she cheated on you is a bitchy pathetic move. halafuakina Kamau will castrate your ass in Kamiti for the next 15 years
when cheated on you accept ulicheswo and move on with your life, madem ni wengi to go to prison because of one Kunguru

Shemale io mkia vipi?


unataka kamua afande

Ng’ombe hii.
Your girlfriend has face-balls?
Keti please.

Niaje Ice Cunyi

Kijana Mchieth umeficha wapi mchawi? ulicheza hard to get hadi wakanyama akapata mpenyo