What would you do if you find out you are dating a transgender

Enyewe things are thick nowadays wah. Nimecheka yangu yote. After kushtuka. Yall in TROUBLE. Better check that Adam’s apple first. Hii dunia iko na mambo. Eish.



…kesi baadaye! Iko nene?


Stop being thirsty. Na akisema ugeuke?

Si hapo ndio date inaisha na vita na makofi nonstop…

That’s not a woman you are dealing with. If he’s stronger than you, itabidi ugeuke.

Hii kitu nakula mbaya mbaya

I will kill the biatch if they tried to trick me…they need to announce their status in advance…

Munsi N’ebyewunyisa: Meet 22-year-old Javan. He is an activist for transgender women in Uganda.
He describes himself as a transgender woman but was born a man.





But of course lichoyi you are a faggot