What would you do if it were you ?

So I am in a relationship with this lady like for an year now… Though the lady had broken up with me sometime this year for like 2 months and decided to come back… So we like 7 months relationship if that is considered. I find this lady to be nagging and a bit controlling from the constant texting she sends and always complaining and asking whether I love her or I missed her during the day. Nonetheless I have managed to maintain this relationship within those circumstances but my fear has been suppose I marry this lady and she ends up to be a controlling wife that won’t give me peace in marriage the way she appears? Thats my greatest fear

On the other hand, there is this another lady I have been friends with for quite some time though not that much very close friends. I met this lady about 4 years ago when had just finished campus and we were working together in IEBC as voter clerks though from different constituencies within the same county. I had an immediate interest in the lady approached her and almost even got to start something but the issue of distance and the fact that lady was in Nairobi then and me in shags messed things up because I couldn’t afford finances to try and meet up and connect with the lady as often so the relationship did not work out and to make the matters diffuclt I was a total stranger to the lady because we only met during the 2 days of IEBC induction and only managed to say hi to her and get her contacts during the 2nd and last day so we didn’t get to bond and know each other better cause we were quite busy with IEBC whatever whose job then was from Monday to Sunday. We only did communicate via phone.
To cut the long story short… We each went our own ways… Me finally ended up dating the lady I have talked about above who by the way is a college student and the lady also ended up dating the guy she studied with in the same university. But all the while we managed somehow to keep in contact with the lady though things didn’t worked out because she was already in a relationship. Now this year we have grown very close with the lady and she opened up to me that she did break up with her boyfriend because the guy she told me was abusive to her. The lady appeared to have a lot of bitterness towards the Ex and we have been talking much with the lady and have got to know much about each other. From my side from my heart I find that I have always connected a lot with this lady and feel a lot of peace in heart when I talk and connect with her and have even recently discovered that we do share many things together. We have been close and even I have opened to her about how I feel and the lady seems okay with it.
The other lady of college I find her to be a bit nagging, insecure and she seems like a clingy girlfriend so I find myself to be tolerating toward her maybe because of time we have been with her and not at peace at all with her… I find her incessant.
Now I am faced with momentious and challenging decision of a battle of head and heart. Should i break up with this lady and embrace this other one I have always had peace with. And should things not work out… Will it be a regret or stick to my current lady and vumilia…though not at peace with… as they say relationship is being tolerant… And suppose I marry her and my worst fears become reality I will end up with a disaster in form of marriage
What is the best advice you guys can give to me on how to proceed with this?

Give me the digits of both ladies I talk to them on your behalf. I will then tell you the direction to take.

  1. Tunasema gila sigu. Gatiga maretio, gatiga ma telefisheni…oneitis ni kitu mbaya sana.

Si ungeandika na Kisamburu tu mara moja?

  1. You were in yunivasiti only 4 years ago and you are thinking of getting married? Kwani una wazimu?


Oneitis is an unhealthy attachment to a particular ‘special’ girl.

If I was in your position I would design a test and take whoever passes that test. I found that as a very reasonable way of solving dilemmas

First things first,grown-up kwanza

First things first grown-up kwanza

I don’t think my situation merits that category… If I was just after beauty… Then I should settle with the current girlfriend because she is more gorgeous… But i feel like I connect with the other lady the more in other ways

Whats the best test I can take put forward for this?

I go for the grown up?

What u need 4 marriage is a woman not a schoolgirl.as u said the college girl went off for a while and CAME BACK…jua tu hana kazi yako hio ni malaya tu kama wale wa manjengo

That’s a personal question. What you value most in a relationship might differ from what another man on the internet values. Test for whatever you value most in a wife.

Doesn’t this settle it? Lakini K Talk is not the place to look for relationship advice :D:D:D

Try throwing a coin , that’s what it boils down to, pure luck!! Next time weka summary na picha zao hapa pia

cjasoma hio novel na csomi hata na dawa

Nimeacha kusoma after first paragraph. Both ladies will be nagging, just chose based on other factors. Nagging is a non issue, all women nag ata huyo unafikiria ni mzuri ni vile tu hamujazoeana but she will also nag equally just like the other one. Nagging is a sign of love, zoea.

When I was in primo and high school, if it had a skirt, it was good enough for me. In college, if it looked good without the skirt on, it was good enough for me. After college if it looked good without the skirt AND looked at me right, it was good enough for me. NOW, it must look good in a skirt, without the skirt, must look at me right AND talk right.

Lipua wrote, then dump them. But from your explanations you are exhibiting behaviours of a simp. 5 years from now am sure you will be back here crying and asking how to handle a kunguru wife who has your lovely kid

Umesha to*mba wote? Kwanza fanya ivyo then make a decision

ata mimi siezi some insha…labda @TrumanCapote pekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!