What would we do with out men

Ladies never go to the beach alone.


No woman can survive without a man.

LOL. True. We can’t lift heavy stuff.

Ati no woman can survive without a man???woiyeeee:DAnway Joijina have you seen the latest from our familia?

Can you give a translation. Somebody likes stirring up shit. There’s gotta be more civil ways of solving these family issues. And yes, when your car gets a puncture, do you ever fix it ama you call your man?

Simiyu…purlease…women change tyres all the time. I got no probs changing mine. But I gorra tell you that most Londoners commute on foot, public transport or cycle.
Translation will take a long time if you don’t know the background story. But the long and short of it is that Virginia woman in a Coasterian dress was awarded custody of all her 12 children after a long court battle. However, one son chose to remain with the father…she has been trying to get him to join the rest of the family but he says he is happy at dad’s where he is brainwashed by the evil step mum and the dad.

The dude on the Mum’s side is the 1st born son. He does not see eye to eye with the dad…the dad actually denounced him yestreday…yet again…‘ambia mama yako akutafutie baba yako…yeye ni malaya khasia’…he said. The small confused son joins in insulting the mother…yawaa calling her khasia.

Anyway my view is that Virginia should leave this boy alone, he is 21 y/o so the state has no power over where he chooses to stay and also the evil man is still his father…he has made his choice and it should be respected.

:DWaiting for Jojina…


Thanks. The world has changed. Some of us by the time we were 18, had long left home. Fighting for a 21 year old is strange.

I think Virginia alipitwa na ulimwengu in the 20 years she lived in that prison. That boy is old enough to sort himself out. She has explained herself in another video and I got the message.
She was disappointed that her ex husband did not desire her back. Besides she is looking forward to meeting a mzungu ‘bae’. Jojina is not on her own.:smiley:

Which man?


I honestly think she wants her husband back.

Thuita is brainwashed. He does not have the mind of a 21 yo look at his behavior like a petulant teenager.

The Man we have is Jesus, the rest are more trouble than they are worth.


This is now becoming too much for me. Thuita I love you son. I have bawled my eyes out, thankfully I wasn’t at work. I can’t take this anymore aki. Jesus please please just intervene in this situation.

Did you hear the matusi coming from Kamotho’s dirty mouth? he also promised to kill Davis and Virginia. This man has called the mother of his male children…‘mumaraya’ so many times. Where are the Kikuyu men to give him a beating of the century? this is unheard of in Kiambu.
Having said that Virginia should now focus on the 11 children and PRAY for Thuita. Hiyo kilio alilia…na tena kwa Fupisha Usiku on Sunday…hiyo Mungu alisikia…

Simiyu I agree with Jojina here. Our husband is Jesus and he loves us all. My husband cannot take the place of Jesus. Ever.
As a matter of fact Simiyu, my kids come before him…

He is yearning for his mother that is why he told her ‘enda kwa courti’ coz he wants the court to ‘decide’ rather than look like he is abandoning his father. Do you know he never went past STD 8? His siblings are doing so well…all in school now.

I will keep her in my prayers. She is like the shepherd who left 99 sheep to look for the one lost one. Thank God the rest are no longer sharing a roof with that no good demon Kamotho. I am so annoyed.

So painful keeping your own son out of school, can’t the court at least compell Kamotho to take him back to school?