What would the implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial life be?

More specifically unintelligent extraterrestrial life? If NASA’s Curiosity rover were to come across microbes or even moss on Mars, how would it affect governments, societies, financial and religious institutions on earth?

If NASA finds intelligent alien life the US government would put a patent on all alien technology and they’d position themselves as the main point of reference for the aliens when it comes to their interaction with mankind.

Oh umesema unintelligent. Same as above, the US would make sure whatever they find benefits them alone.

You’re not focusing on the bigger picture

Paint it for me.

If you get a chance and listen to Orson Welles’ narrated radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” ,a series of simulated radio bulletins of what was happening in real time as Martians arrived on our home planet,the sensation from it is widely remembered for creating public panic back in the 30’s. If microbes are found for example, it would have an effect on science, especially biology, by universalizing biology.We only have one case of biology on Earth. It’s all related. It’s all DNA-carbon based. If we found an independent example on Mars or some far flung planet, we have a chance of forming a new universal biology,usisahau our perspective is that life emerged from a collective state, and so it is not at all obvious that there is one single organism which was ancestral…just my two cent:D

It goes beyond the US jockeying for position, what would happen to humanity as a whole once we realize we aren’t special or alone?

Religion would get hyperventilated in the meantime:D:D:D

Nothing. Religious groups would just claim that’s evidence of God existing and the average human being really won’t care about some algae or rocks outside of the planet. As for financial and political institutions why would they change? If there is no commercial or political capital to be gained then unintelligent alien life will excite the world about as much as the sighting of an eclipse.

Fascination for a short while then back to factory settings.

Very right especially on the financial or political gains.

Napenda sana work ethic ya Orson Welles.

What about those alien abductions we have heard over several decades…u.f.os…
Check out matrix wisdom on you tube…good stuff there

All burusheet,ni amerukans wanaget abducted tu

Who took this picture??? Anyone who answers i will give him/her a thousand Kenyan shillings

Human junk DNA is extra-terrestrial DNA,so you’re already ETs.And just for the record,no one has made it past the van-allen radiation belt.Humans and Chimpanzees share a common ancestor,that common ancestor hasn’t been found because the common ancestor isn’t from around here.

Rover ilipiga selfie

Using which camera?

changes will occur on a massive scale, especially the foundations of religion and the creation theory will be shattered. There’ll be a confirmation that life is actually not that special.
It’ll also fan more greed as financial institutions and nations race to find more life and even exploit these planets for any resources such as minerals if available. Already there are plans by NASA to stay on the man and even on Mars for good.
Most societies will revise their stances.
People will no longer operate the same, because finding unintelligent life in our backyard that many thought impossible will make us live in anticipation that there could be many other intelligent and unintelligent life in abundance in the cosmos.

Uliza watu wa kwenyu

I believe there is intelligent life out there besides human beings. It could be cosmic or biological or energy based in nature. On a universal scale the planet Earth and the billions of people living here are like a single grain of sand on all the beaches in the world and we have only existed as ‘modern’ humans for a few thousand years. We are insignificant in the grand scheme of things which means we can’t be the only lifeforms to exist.