What would make a man behave this way?


If you are wicked to a child he/she will remember it throughout their lifetime. He decided to cut ties and live his life separately


You are on point.

This is the most likely explanation

The dude is done with black tax kasumba that runs in many families


uyo utapata alikuwa anasumbuliwa na kila mtu akiitishwa pesa. hakuna kitu huwa inaudhi kama kila mtu kukuitisha pesa kila wakati


He has his side of story


True. My parternal step granny was one ruthless bitch to me when I was growing up.
Terrorising, insulting and humiliating me at every opportunity for absolutely no reason. I grew up hating her. I saw the devil through her.
My mom had noticed and always warned me against crossing paths with her coz that was the only thing she could do to protect me. Mind you, we were living in the same homestead.

Later on she got a terminal illness and wanted to reconcile with everyone before the inevitable happened. I flatly refused and didn’t even attend her funeral.


Nobody owes you shit. Labda walidhani atakua akiwapee pesa hivi hivi. Kila mtu apambane kivyake


Hehe, sioni shida mtu akiishi vile anataka.

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The guy is going about his business living his life, nothing wrong with that

Huyo amekutana na Nigerian prophetess akaambiwa his family wamemuroga…those cults can make you turn your back against your own blood


This is me!


It’s not that. Kaa diaspora Ndio utajua hujui watu mzuri. Wengine ata uwapee nini they’ll still hate and want to bring you down to their level. Inafika stage you just choose who to talk to and how long na Unasonga.


And yet she might have made it to heaven and you end up missing out just because you couldn’t forgive. You must forgive your enemies, this is the ultimate test in life.

You must love your enemies and all those who persecute you.

Matthew 5:43-45. You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven.


The likes of you are the people who make Africa and it’s people remain backward forever.
How can you purport to offer a solution by just quoting the bible. This is nonsense!
Do you know the trauma I went through at the hands of that old ugly witch?
Do you?
I was just an innocent kid yet she just let out her life frustrations on me. For almost 10 years!
Please just STFU
If I belonged to your church I would leave it immediately.


It’s noble to forgive, but only God can really forgive some wrongs, and I’m sure He knows sometimes we can’t. It takes real humility for a proud and wicked person to correct the wrong done by them or at their behest. Without intentionally correcting whatever wrong you have done to someone else, it’s very hard to get forgiveness from some, coz people feel things differently–even if you were to beg for it. One thing I know is, never hurt a child, especially one with a sensitive temperament, the anger only gets camouflaged, but it never disappears.He/she might never be able to find the grace to forgive you, and it will show in their dealings with any other people who are unfair.


Yes turedio, channel this anger and return xenforo


Btw kids never forget shit. I still remember everyone who was mean to me when i was a kid and those who were nice to me. Am always nice to the later today. Hao wengine hata hupata aibu kuni approach…huko ocha we are the most well off. Nimeundia watoi wangu slides na swings…kuna bikes na toys za watoi…i let village kids come enjoy the goodies with my kids. They love our place. Coz besides toys ans bikes and slides and swings wanapata snacks pia. Coz am sure one day watakumbuka how well we treated them… huwezi jua situation itakuwa aje


Is this the reason you pay rent for mlolongo prostitutes?

Learn to treat better well, without any anticipation of future profits.