What would happen?

If all the inland water bodies(lakes,rivers,wells bla bla) in the world were emptied and all the waters directed to the oceans.
Eeeeèeee what would happen?
If your answer is that all the inland would be submerged,please don’t say it,I can’t imagine drowning helplessly

Apa vile unaelekea next utasema we drain all the water in your body itumbukizwe kwa oceans.That’s around 60% of you.
Sasa tukitoka apo tuende kwa mimea.

I like what you’re using already.

Si that’s what happens everyday, kwani hukusoma the water cycle shule?

Ujinga ya kuzaliwa ni ngumu kuitoa sana,afadhali ya kujifunza

What question is this??

i missed the point,were we supposed to take th poll at some point? either drown or die of thirst? i’m i missing something?

Enyewe. Afadhali mzazi angezaa mkate akule ashibe


Am saying maji yote mara moja imwagiliwe kwa ocean

Na jubilee ama nasa?

You have a very fat mind,just like your body.You know the villager idler is mocking me through you,hakuna kitu umesema hapo

Go to bed mr and post the Alfajiri sacco in time sio kuregarega hapa

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Ushawai sikia cognitive thinking.that one right there.reimagining the possible

Ulisema uki skip rope you ankles want to give in after 3 skips.Ile utambi uko nayo,no wonder you are pro punyeeto

When someone is new to rope jumping.The legs will hurt in the beginning until mtu azoee.

Hii nayo nilisema wapi gaylord?

Juzi tu after coming from Siberia

Nitakuja inbox baadaye tuongee mambo flani.

Yes it will flood for a while but not by much, mostly in the coastal areas, the water on land isn’t that much compared to the ocean but the cycle will eventually resume as rain.

Bora usiniombe manyuu