What would happen if USA gave kenya sanctions ?

wakipea kenya sankashon… tutaumia sana when msito putin na china wako around ? …how bad will it be ?


They can do it the Iran Way, weakening the shilling.

uuuuuuuuuuui usicheze na sanctions. 41% averagely and 110% of food items in iran apana mchezo. Uliza venezuela… sanctions made a banana cost the same as a house (before sanctions) at one point

cost of living shall sky rocket and We shall eat the rich aka Hustlers vs Dynasty would be a real thing…queues at Petrol station would be 2 km long etc…look at Venezuela, Iran, Zimbabwe and the likes

…china & russia ?

Sweet darling wa US hawezi pewa sanctions banae. Kazi yetu ni kutombwa.

Ushaiona malaya ikipewa sanctions?


You will probably lose Arab petrol but mko na Turkana oil. If you lose netflix and youtube anzeni kuunda zenu.

Basically if you are not self sufficient yes you would suffer. Even China would have no choice but to stop exporting to Kenya. When you walk into a supermarket and there is no colgate or aquafresh. … all the Japanese cars are gone… even a simple power generator hakuna to replace old ones, Kenya manufactures practically nothing.

the corrupt pigs would have a little dent in their pockets …oh and the working class would be mercelessly exploited

Getting money from abroad would be history. No international remittances. You have to develop a new system.