What would be the most terrifying extinct animal if it were still alive today?

Number 1. Titanoboa:

The Titanoboa was the largest snake that ever “walked” on Earth. It measured up to 40 - 50 feet long, and weighed over a ton (2504 pounds). If you want to learn more about this giant snake click here : Titanoboa Was The 50-Foot Prehistoric Snake Of Nightmares

Number 2 : Deinosuchus

The word “Deinosuchus” is translated to “terrible crocodile” in Greek. This croc could grow up to 40 feet in length and weighs 5,500 - 11,000 pounds. Just so you know, the saltwater crocodile normally is 14 - 17 feet in length, the largest Croc ever recorded was Lolong, coming at 20.2 ft, and 2,370 pounds. So imagine a crocodile that is twice the size of that and 2- 5 times as heavy! Facts and Figures About Deinosuchus

Number 3: Megalania

And no, not Meglavania, Megalania. This is a giant monitor lizard that roamed Australia. It’s name means “giant roamer” and it certainly lives up to that name. The Megalania was thought to be around 25 feet in length and around 2 tons. This is pretty much a giant komodo dragon.

Number 4. Megalodon.

This guy (or girl) doesn’t need an introduction. This is basically a giant shark. The Megalodon is a giant shark that weighs over 60 tons. This sharks is about 3 times the size of an average Great White, and has a bite force 40,131 pounds per square inch, that is 5 times the bite force of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Megalodon

Last one for now : Megapiranha

This is a 3 foot piranha that potentially has the largest bite force ever, and is 4 times larger than a normal piranha. However, unlike a normal piranha, it has two rows of teeth instead of one. Now I know it only has a bite force of 1,000 pounds per square inch, but in relation to it’s weight (20–25 pounds), that’s very impressive. Put it this way, a T-rex has a bite force of 3,000 pounds per square inch, but it’s weight is roughly 15,000 pounds. So a megapiranha can bite up to 40–50 times it’s own weight.

Human beings are the most terrifying force in the world these animals wouldn’t stand a chance against us, Megalania and titanoboa would probably be hunted for their skin.

Na T-rex?

Also teeth and offal for traditional medicine or something

It was a meat eater too feasting on other large dinosaurs.

Pterodactyls should be top on the list. Imagine a big ass bird of prey with a crocodile mouth hovering around in the sky.

Those animals are just a joke compared to the might we humans have with powerful guns and machines

Were this things real kweli Ama Ni kuzoeana .

But the sabre tooth tiger would be my favorite cat .


True. Humans are the only species thats ever been able to end life on the planet.

But we are talking of raw physical power. One on one and without technology, we dont stand a chance against any of these animals. For our size, we are probably the weakest species ever. Even our bonobo brothers are like 4 times as strong as us

Amazing how dragons are depicted in cave paintings and feature in folklore mythology from ireland to japan even batu ba kongo have their own version

These animals were wiped out by Aliens so that we humans could take over the earth building a separate Civilization from our previous home :D. The aliens were of reptilian origins so they mated with reptiles on Earth producing giant reptiles such as the dinosaurs. Other human like aliens came and destroyed them dinosaurs using an Asteroid causing the great flood that killed the nephillims (dinosaurs) :smiley:


Stories of giant

Ole weru

Does it have a “Shimo”?

Wacha bangi ya akina abba

These animals existed in the times of noah

It might not be too farfetched…why are African folklore full of giants? Maybe our ancestors had interactions with the progeny of these mighty creatures or there had been human giants…