What women go through for assets

Wah. Mimi root canal and spinal tap zilifanya nitoroke, sijai enda ata pap smear nategemea Mungu. Tatoo pain is too much. Enyewe there are brave women in the world.

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Actually this photo is most likely of a woman who is reducing her butt after having gotten butt injections. Sio mwenye anaongeza

@heke njoo

Shaka. Angejaribu squats kwanza.

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@TrumanCapote paka kinembe Elianto iwache kukauka


Malisa hio ghaseer muzee

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Squats uharibu magoti

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Squats are very good. If anything running is probably worse for the knees because of all the momentum and force that goes on one knee at a time. Guys like Usain bolt retire at 30. Prime of powerlifters and weightlifters is 34-38 with strongmen even competing into their 40s. Of course as a strength athlete I may be biased, but from what I’ve seen squats are perfectly safe. Retired strength athletes still move well