What will you do when such an animal tries to enter into your house....goshh

Shait by the way what you don’t know doesn’t harm you

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Maajabu haya



Fala kwelikweli, hata sio mara 12, ni mara 90 kama unga

  1. Hold the joint just after your palm using your other hand itatulia then call some to hit then head…
  2. if not so shika kwa mkia Na utupe nje at full speed…
  3. Call wale wasee Na Nat Geo uwa wanazishika zikiwa alive

Wewe unaona ni adui na ching waa anaona meal inahepa?


haha gosh is more umamaish

Shait… thats some scary shiet.

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Wreck the whole house coz of a snake. You grab it by the tail and chuck it out of the house.

Wreck the whole house coz of a snake. You grab it by the tail and chuck it out of the house.

What happened was, the snake got into the house and hid inside, they had to call firefighters. The snake was found 3 days later hiding in one of the closet…

Mind you thar snake is venomous touching it wrongly can send you to death immediately

The most scary part was how the snake was aggressive

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Kama umamani ufala then ur mother is the threshold of ufala

:D:D and am sure the snake will be there chillin with u just waiting for Nat Geo to arrive


I had a similar encounter last week with a smaller shiny black version… about 3 feet … It was in a constricted area so it got a chance to escape ikaingia kwa drainage pipe ya bafu ya nje that no one uses… nikajaribu kuchoma pieces of rubber, pouring kerosene, engine oil, ikawa haitoki… so I have now blocked both ends of this drainage pipe trapping it there. I don’t know how long a snake can live without feeding…I want to give it 2 months or so


Could be a pet snake and a little bit of acting.

Ingekuwa kwangu I would slash it.

Jesus Christ!!! What did you do?


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Deep down your heart you are convinced that the serpent will die.Una roho coz if it were me i wouldnt be comfortable till i see its dead body