What Will You Do If a woman Refuses To Shake Your Hand ?

I grew up around muslims and i know their customs vizuri … jana i saw the disappointment on a guy who met a muslim girl and she refused to shake hands , it seemed rude … Mi naona hio rule ni ya ujinga coz you end up making everybody uncomfortable , it also ends up alienating you & sends the wrong message to people around you …

mimi ni atheist so my views are obvious ! … i can see past the religious bullsh** and can tell why this rule was created !

You guys have your own culture too in your ethnic tribe. You can’t lie on the same bed your parents sleep.

unajua dini ya musambwa hawaslimiani kwa mikono? i dont see a big deal there.I too im selective when it comes to shaking hands,mtu anaeza kua ametoka kunya ama scratched their gonards and arsecrack:D:D:D:D:D

this shit happened to me 3 ears ago, they were kind to explain to me why they dont shake hands na ilibidi i shake it off like a pro.

thats true

Mimi Walalo chics hug me like a lost bro…and I fuck them for fun…this month alone nimetomba wawili …third one, who is a tiktok celeb,chuma chake ki motoni.

Move on, I’ve shit to do

(A) Yell and threaten violence at the risk of looking like an insecure manchild?

(B) calmly asess the situation and respect her customs without making a big deal of such timid things

I think I know what I’m picking.

Arab , Swahili , Indian and Somali Women are just Women at the end of the day …
Intimacy and public behavior differs among them , but in private , they are more or less the same …


are they friends or ni madem you have known for a long time ? … am sure they only hug you while hidden and am also sure it’s hard to meet a muslim chick na akupee virahisi … leta hekaya bro

I remember my 1st time at the coast. A young lad not exposed to culture/religion shock.

Niliingia ofisi day ya kwanza nika stretch mkono ikabaki ime hang’… Was surprised but nikaelezewa baadaye.

Nipigie pass.

europeans and sana sana americans waki experience hii maneno , hawa waislamu will have a hard time existing in the western world … western world hapana tambua middle eastern bullsh** , if you go to rome , do what the romans do …

Mombasa salamu ni kugota. Imagine Mtu ametoka kusugua kinyambis na maji halafu alitoka Kwa Choo akose kutumia Dettol soap. He greets you halafu aume zile viazi karai unakula. Huyo jamaa atakupea cholera.

Next time a muslim refuses to shake your hand , take it as a fovour coz they don’t use tissues wakienda choo … they use water ( and maybe soap ) , tissue ni optional …if you have ever washed animal intestines ama ukachange diaper vibaya , unajua hio smell ya meffi hustick kwa mkono for hours …my fellow kafiris , hio si ni favour tunafanyiwa !

But you’re gay

Pick A

I have never scored a walalo, naskianga tu hekaya hapa, those ladies are reserved, sijui ni uoga, but nikipata mmoja, I’ll make sure I use stealth mode, staki kudungwa kisu juu ya pun

na vile walalo hukula madem non muslim huku nje …