What will happen to all these malls eventually

In the US abondoned mall turned into housing for people.
Brilliant idea. Soon we shall get to this situation, with all these malls coming up.


They will close down

i hear spur mall pale thika road mnaeza jipata watu kumi for an hour and the only lively business there ni izo clubs…i have been to nextgen recently and there are empty spaces hata kwa groundfloor so sijui vile other floors are surviving but the blend and burgerking are doing ok

We can turn them into tech startup incubation labs/ corporate offices

That is when KRA will come up with a tax you have never heard of, made up of words that are not available in the Collin’s dictionary, and kill the idea.

washenzi sana wao, utaskia “mall occupancy added value tax”

Shit hole problems. These people should have ventured into farming or manufacturing industries.

I’m still waiting to see what will become of Rosslyn riviera mall. Also, did Taj mall resurrect?

Kenyan business culture defies all basic laws of economics and business. I have never understood and never will how all those malls, all the gloat of high rise 25 million 2 bedroom apartments in Kilimani and Kileleshwa make any economical sense to buyers. One thing I know for sure is that Kenyans are anomalous consumers…Once they are used to Cocacola, they will never develop a taste for Pepsi. Everyone wants a Subaru and thinks is the best car and everyone thinks Mazda is for is terrible —this is typical of group/sheep mentality. On the other hand, all the malls and all the 25 million flats curry on the same business mentality as 12 mama mboga seated in a row by the roadside at the same spot, all selling the same mboga and roma tomatoes, same price, same time, same quantities, same qualities, same day!

They can make great schools, colleges or churches. Kenyans are very religious.

You forgot the bit where KRA will somehow find a way to back-date the tax to when you registered the business and then also charge you penalties…