What we can we learn from charles mukuni njonjo

Njonjo found a helper at 50 years of his age he is celebrating 100 years ,@lichoti found a helper at 20 he I finding it difficult celebrating his 40years due to emotional stress disorders and mental instability




Wee unakufa tu wasting energy ukilipa malanye na ukipewa a logical explanation y poosie kills unasema upusss

This wasn’t meant for mgtow brethren or their gay sympathizers

My grandpa recently died at 110. He found his helper at 19. No emotional stress. So did his brother who was a weed smoker.

do not try and copy somebody else’s notes thinking it will work out on you

who told you njonjo is happy,there is no marriage marking scheme.Ukipata enda nayo.

We aren’t talking of happiness we are talking of life span…the ninja married at 50 then lived another 50 ,most of u who marry early die early.at 50 the man has seen so much that stress za Bibi is negligible