What we can learn from sports pesa staff

Office jobs are so unpredictable… if you get one that is paying well, don’t live an expensive life… save, save and save [ATTACH=full]263408[/ATTACH]

Some people live for the moment and others live in the fear of unknown. But both schools of thought acknowledges that life is short .

man must live, let man live

I am just hoping that they had not taken out very huge mortgages.
One of my high school friends worked there, and hardly a month passed before they were in Europe on official duties.
This life is a journey with ups and downs.

hawawesi nyanyuliwa na betin na Mozart?

Very true.
They must in be shock at the moment. I saw the kind of company vehicles the staff were driving…wewee! Ford Double cabs .
They had loans, big loans.
In employment you are nothing but just a statistic.

Unaongea ni kama kuna kafuraha unafeel chini ya maji ka kusema I told you so

Reality check, most will fall into depression. My friend did a 1.2 million wedding. Hope he had saved enough

I cant celebrate the misery of my friends, am not that trashy

Jobs can be pretty unpredictable. Your friend should use the experience from the big firm approach any other firm now. Good luck to him and the others.

kuna watu kichwa ni shamba ya nywele ndengu

People will still bet…

Kuna kajamaa kalikuwa kanalipiwa rent na kunguru fulani ilikuwa inafanya kazi sportpesa. Sasa wamefungiwa nyumba

I pity those with expensive mortgages. Life turns from 3 bedroom maisonette to bedsitter real quick.

That muhindi yenyewe alikamua peasants…

People who lived beyond their means are learning the hard way that in kenya most ppl are one paycheck away from poverty.