What was your worst horror on the road?

For me there was this one time I was driving a troublesome NOAH heading to Garden City, felt some noise just below my legs and the passenger seat. It was very abnormal so pulled over at this petrol station to check the issue out. I was a newbie driver so diagnosing a problem was not my strongest area. Checked the shock absorbers etc nikaona everything was good. I continued with the journey alafu just past this petrol hukuwa na KFC drive through, the shaking got very intense I freaked out and put my hazards on. Slowed down and Prepared to pull over to the side of the road, just when I was nearing boooooom the tire on the passenger side flew out knocking off the bumper! Luckily It narrowly missed a pedestrian. The car titled, stepped on the brakes and it dragged for a while. Apart from a damaged bumper nothing much happened. Had I not slowed down it would have been much much more serious. Later realised the bolts of the tire were loose. I didn’t check them and to date I still get a shiver of embarrassment remembering the whole incident.


Horror ni zile tumeshuhudia kwa wengine


On a day like this I set out with my young family headed for an outing at a disclosed location. While trying to overtake some slow movers I incurred a near death experience that could have done away with my entire generation. Kumbe I had underestimated the speed of the oncoming tipper truck which was coming downhill. On doing my calculations I realized that the only escape from sobibor would be to hit the pavement/ rather veer off the road. I set off the right indicator and luckily the truck driver heed to my warning that I was veering off. One second estimation from the massive crush I veered off and luckily controlled the SUV to stability and stopped. On assessing the situation; wifey had peed on herself, kids were crying and I was immersed in prayers. As if that was not enough on looking at the side mirrors I could see the topper goons running towards my SUV with some crude weapons in what I suspected would lead to a bad ending. Started the vehicle dashed off … to date I don’t overtake carelessly.


Kuna jamaa karibu anigonge na cheki maneno nikiwa route 11. He ended up in a ditch on the roadside and claimed his brakes had failed. Baiskeli yenyewe ilikuwa imechoka hadi spokes zilikuwa zimerust.


2006 a canter 4D31 nilikua nayo Karibu iniue, was doing 80kph and kukanyanga brakes while approaching a bump nikaskia a mini explosion kwa left front side, Kumbe the flexible pipe iliburst brake fluid ikamwagika, brake pedal iko chini Kabisa kwa floor nikajaribu kupump lakini wapi, there i was approaching a bump kubwa kaa ndovu with a run away canter, nilichapa hio bump kichwa ikagonga roof ya cabin na saa hio nimeshilia steering na nguvu yangu yote, my ikanga (Okwonkwo) was not so lucky as he ended up on the floor, mbele yangu kulikua na slow moving truck nakaribu niichape nyuma but i avoided by a whisker nikaiovertake then kashikilia horn and started flashing my lights kwa ubaya, uzuri wa highway drivers wakiona hivo wanahepea kwa shoulder, at that speed huwes vuta handbrake and or shift to low gear, thank God the road cleared and was able to stop the vehicle after kindu 700m, wale Deree who had gone offload kunipisha came to find out shida ilikua nini nikawaonyesha burst flexible pipe, one guy I think ni ndugu ya @introvert said flexible hupasuliwa na dirty brake fluid ile makanika hurudisha wakati wa breeding, yaani kitu ya 200 ndio ingeleta hio hasara yote


niliunder estimate corner flan cost me bumper na taa


2001, after successfully transplanting a Suzuki 1200cc Bandit engine into a 1978 Suzuki 750GSX frame, jinga inacruise casually at 190kph on Thika Road when I hear someone hooting and I take my eyes off the road for two seconds.
Nilijua sijui.


Ulijipata mguu imehang kwa kitanda ya hosii na umewekwa drips :D:D


I fell a vertical height of about 35 metres.
Mkono ilitoka kwa socket at the shoulder, a couple of ribs broken.
Umewahi lala kama umepiga magoti?
Mtu akicrack joke unalia?
First mwananchi at the scene anaokota tools zangu na siwezi protest coz every with breath I take my ribs are poking the lungs.
About 2 months later nikichukua bike Pangani, karau anauliza mahali tulizika mwenye nduthi.


Shait! Pole bro.


Back 2009, lost my lower tooth. Overtaking then a crazy Mathree appears, found myself seated kwa napier grass. Meru roads?


Please allow me to laugh.
Hehehe hahaha huhuhuhu Kkkkkkkk.
Hope uliokoka


Wah ferkkkkkkkkkkkk pole

Cheka tu.
Hapo ndio nilidowngrade by half to 600cc.
0 - 100 in 2.8 seconds was too much.


Wooooii ngai!!!

Sicheki kwa ubaya…but ni hilarious.
Wueh! Kikiki


Auuuuwiiii…aki sijui nacheka nini.
Pole boss. Wueh!

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Sometimes back (2012) was ferrying a hundred pieces of gas cylinders for refiling at Embakasi from Zimmerman. I was cruising at 100km/hr way down pale natives so as to join service lane pale Alsops. A brobox joining mainrd from service lane ikachomoka mbio in front of my van…ferk these guys never give anyone way…I was forced to press emergency brakes saa hio mitungi ya gas imeshikiliwa na cardboard just behind drivers seat na co drivers… Hiyo board Ilipasuka like fifteen cylinders zikamwagika nahuku Mbele presing the gearhandle(automatic) ikasimamia neutral. Some more cylinders zikaingia chini ya miguu this time nimeswerve kurudi main rd na kukanyaga pedal ya fuel nisigongwe na gari ziko nyuma yangu. Cylinders zikaforce mguu kwa pedal ya fuel. The van ilitoa sauti kama ya Subaru nikajua kwisha. Kelele ya empty cylinders banging ikashtua other motorists. I swerved right left nikijaribu kurudisha gear drive mode cylinders zikakataa. speed nilikuwa nayo singemake kuingia hiyo lane. Kutafuta pedal ya brakes wapiii…hakuna…Other vehicles swerved past hooting like devils horn not knowing wat the ferk had just happened. I joined the three lanes in a zigzag manner kuepuka kugonga gari za watu all vehicles behind zikapunguza speed…all hooting. Gari ilipunguza speed nikifika pale chini ya flyover. Still no acces to brakes…ilibidi nifungue mlango side yangu some cylinders zikamwagika. I gained access to brake pedal n stopped. Anyway pale juu @pamba wa nduthi alishuhudia yote alikam na kula unono.


Pole…sounds comical.

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It was around mid January of a very hot month. I had just learned to ride a bike when I decided to do an evening round inside a tea estate. Picture a smooth murram road with pruned tea bushes on both sides of the road. Riding without a care I came acrosss this exciting straight stretch of about 200 metres with a slow descent, I leaned slightly forward, aimed my bike at one side of the road where tire tracks from vehicles in the estate had made an even smoother section. Must have broken the sound barrier hurtling down that ka slope when I reached a slight bend and tried to start braking…
Nothing, the brakes wouldn’t respond.
A hurtling bike without brakes, a bend, a slight embankment and pruned tea bushes. I was a total wreck when folks managed to extricate me from the sharp bushes. Till now I bear the scars on my back where I landed, was lucky not to break anything though.


But suzuki engineers are trained by the Devil himself :D:D:D someone close swears never to touch a gixxer even looking at it.