What was your village Facepalm moment? Just discovered @M2Random is actually not a self confessed gay.

Na @Young Sponsor ?

This is getting confusing.

The only man you should think about is Jesus…very gay thread

The accursed holiday is a thing of the past.

@Natopeoplesguy = @M2Random = @Voltron .

Its better if he were gay with some brain, he’s worse, he’s a FOOL


@M2Random = @firigisi

Na msisahau majamaa wa guarana na chips, @uwesgay na @junkie.chyeth

Gay somali unasumbua


@Quanstrom mwanaume hasemangi ako na chocolate brown complexion.
Number two, we all know your favourite hangout is that club called tacos in kimathi street kuna wakati ulituambia everything that goes on there. You might say you aren’t gay but your actions say otherwise

Hako ni kamuguruki

Tacos was closed in 2013, so what exactly is your point?? What’s wrong in knowing what goes on somewhere. You know what goes on in Sabina Joy, are you a prostitute??

unalinganisha kuenda to a gay club na kuenda SJ at least nikienda SJ I’m looking for women wewe unaenda I Club kutafuta wanaume. Aren’t you the one who wrote a thread about I Club detailing all the nasty things that happen there na ukasema huwachi kuenda kwa hivyo unaniambia nini wewe

Source? I-club was not a gay club. I just happened to witness gay people doing their business in the club and decided never to return there. Hiyo statement nimehighlight in bold hebu substantiate. I am not responsible for what the voices in your head tell you.

Anyone whose talk revolves around the word gay is a gay.That is all I can say.


Mine was finding out that @Notapeoplesguy is not a skinny walalo!!

Wagwan Jah bless