What was your village Facepalm moment? Just discovered @M2Random is actually not a self confessed gay.

Imagine all this time nimekaa hii village always thought @M2Random is a proud gay. I really didn’t give a ferk as that’s none of my business but jana he informed me he’s not gay leave alone a self confessed gay. He told me I might be confusing him with @Quanstrom .This truly a shock discovery . My sincerest apologies to you man for always calling you gay. Guys what was your village facepalm moment? [ATTACH=full]202560[/ATTACH]

Those 2 are one and the same person. Light-skinned matapaka with a liking for single mothers and free beer from other tree holders.


Mtu unaketi chini kufikiria this, on a Sunday, meen there is a problem somewhere






Funny. Very funny.

@Bratheee hii thread si umeffi you silly new villager


Kabat polepole

UMEFFIIII…go seat in the corner and cry

Vipi @Voltron

I am not gay either. People here have a dirty habit of calling anyone gay just because they have chocolate skin color.

Nice save.


And some other handle called @Voltron