What was the name of the channel?

That played these movies in the late 00s?


Apana ilikua ingine was probably around for less than a year some time around 06-07


Kulikuwa na mnet, tcm, used to love the classic movies from tcm, they made me appreciate how far cinema has come

STV from South Africa. Full name was Stella Television


Apana hiyo ilikuwa ya early 00s. I think hii iliitwa tuu Channel 2

Ooh yeah! Ilikuwa inaitwa KBC channel 2. Initial name was Metro TV

Yes, KBC channel 2. It operated for a very short while and was a welcome change of diet fro KBC.

was initially metro tv, then channel 2 then it joined with kiss tv to form kiss tv…

It was initially Metro, then rebranded to Channel 2, then went back again to Metro and in late 2010 it merged with Kiss tv.

Poa nakumbuka kulikuwa na 5-6 movies on heavy rotation including hizo juu, do you remember what the others were?

Baby boy
Soul plane
Double Team
Mask of Zorro
Glass house
Anaconda ile ya Ice Cube
Steel American Cyborg Warrior

Ohh yeah nakumbuka hiyo Glass house

…when TV ilikuwa TV