What was the main objective of crucifixion?

Or the other way round hehehehe. Look at them even today

Sorry it was Babylon (Iraq)

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Yes they knew about it and maybe that’s why they modified it to hanging a corpse till dawn. But was crucifixion (hanging a person while he was alive and leave him there for days till he does) practiced as part of the Jewish penal law? No.
Yes he was a hellenized jew but he came with hellenistic baggage.
He crucified the Pharisees during a civil war instigated by his favoring the sadducees. His wife Salome had to reverse his policy towards the Pharisees. Why? Because she knew the act of crucifying them had caused him support even from among the sadducees who considered the act an abomination.

Just the same way slaves walked from Uganda/Congo to Mombasa, taking a test in Mumias courtesy of Nabongo Mumias who had converted to Islam and would host the Arab slave traders in his palace

Still doesn’t make sense. Hii kitabu sii tusome tuu vile sisi husoma story book ya hekaya za abunuasi; for entertainment and pastime purposes only. How practical is it for an army to walk into enemy territory, abduct its leader and walk back over a round trip of 2000+ kilometres? Try imagining thw logustucs and you will see my point. Kumbuka hizo nyakati haikuwepo airforce ama drones to provide aerial cover.

From Encyclopedia Brittanica


of course its not part of the jewish penal law, Jannaeus was exceptionally cruel but the jews including the pharisees -(salome was from a pharisee family) had no qualms crucifying their enemies for entertainment and revenge.

Lakini ukisoma story ya Jesus utaona ukaka mbweha ndani yake. Jesus was crucified for his actions against the temple. I don’t where Christians got the nortion that he died for them. His actions were gross such that he had to die upon sight.

Crucifixion was a gruesome ancient torture method

Uraregire gutuhee tip ya uria uninaga skid marks nikii?

Crucifixion was done by Roman’s to captured enemies and rebels. It’s real purpose was to set an example to others that dare slight or disobey the emperor. Some crucifixion events involved thousands of victims, and under the orders of the emperor

Nilidhani ni hekaya ya Bible.