What was the main objective of crucifixion?

In my view, the main objective was not to inflict instant pain at some points on the victim’s body but rather to suspend the object in a place he couldn’t free himself for the longest time possible, thus cause him to die slowly as a result of exhaustion and dehydration.

Your view is irrelevant bro … Religion is a scam.

there are other more painful ways of executing criminals slowly, the main objective was to deterre potential criminals and to humiliate the victim…women and roman citizens where exempt from crucifixion.

Humiliation and setting an example… Makes more sense…

FUN FACT - In the Bible… Only Eve and Jesus met satan / devil. on earth.

Ilikuwa tu a message. Very graphic consequence ukileta ujinga. Kuua mtu haraka haileti same shock factor kama kuona the humiliation and suffering

Within minutes of crucifixion Jesus became severely dyspnoeic (short of breath). His movements up and down the Cross to breathe caused excruciating pain in His wrist, His feet, and His dislocated elbows and shoulders, leads to death by suffocation and exhaustion.

Crucifixion was a Roman death method not Jewish so it should be known that it was the Romans who crucified Yeshua bar Yoshef ben Dawid.
As you approaches Jerusalem, you passed a hill, Golgotha. On this hill criminals and dissidents were pinned on a cross to die a slow painful death. The screams of those crucified as crows plucked away at their eyes would haunt any visitor to Jerusalem and serve to remind them not to offend the Roman Empire. Pax Romana

Those people in medieval times were pure psychos.

jews were crucifying Jews even before the romans came to judea

It depends on your source. If you read Islamic literature they tell you crucifixion was a Jewish punishment under the penal code, Jewish scholars on the other hand cannot find in their ancient penal codes punishment by “hanging” or crucifixion.
But look at the prohibitions around death and you will get a clue that crucifixion was not a Jewish tradition, stoning was. On the other hand Romans were using crucifixion since antiquity a method they learned from Alexander the Great


The history and pathology of crucifixion - PubMed

Kuna King aliwekwa nose ring and dragged from Judea to Persia

Shit bana. Ata kama ni kutesa mtu. They had zero regard for human dignity. Nilicheki ingine inaitwa brazen bull nikashangaa tu.

The crucifixion some Islamic scholars refer to is different. In the bible even God instructs somebody to hang a certain criminal. This hanging was done after the guilty party is killed, and hang on a tree in sun till dawn when the body was removed and buried.

the jewish king alexander jannaeus had 800 pharisees crucified while he ate with his concubines,…the Jews and the Greeks probably copied the assyrians, persians and babylonians, - it was a common persian method of executing rebels / enemies of the state

Shiet! Just checked it out. And the acoustics designed to make the scream sound like the sounds of a bull. That a human can decide such a hedious gadget beats me. Those Middle Eastern guys are on another level of crafting death.
The story goes that Alexander the Great made a number of excursions into Persia to beat and conquer them, but he would find them at war. He had collected some sand from Persia and used it to pad his mother’s doorway. Alexander complained to his mother that he didn’t understand the Persians, they were always at war and never bothered with his presence and threat. what makes them fight so? So one day his mother’s slave did something wrong and his mum questioned him, the slave responded angrily for the first time. Alexander’s mother concluded and told her son that it must be the sand

King Alexander Jannaeus was of the Seleucid pretenders, a group of Macedonians who took over and ruled the Mediterranean to the Middle East. He was known for his cruelty that is why his massacre of 800 pharisees is captured, and because it was unknown in Judea.

:smiley: From what I have gathered is they were so violent it affected their land. Is it?

the jews have a very long history with Persians surely they would known about crucifixion even before the greeks came to judea…Jannaeus was a ‘‘hellenized jew’’ like many upper class jews of the time and a high priest

Msee uko serious?