What Was The forbidden Fruit? It wasn't A Fruit At All

It was humans agreeing to participate in an experiment in which the consciousness part of their brain was to be activated by an opponent of their creator. The Abrahamic religions calls that character Satan, Ibilis, Devil who came in the form of a snake.

The whole forbidden fruit story is about genetic manipulation to increase intellect and god wasn’t amused. He wants humans to stay stupid.

There is a woman who preaches at uhuru pak for the hungry nairobi proletariat [:D:D had to use that one] who while away their lunch time trying to find some sleep under the scanty shade of the park’s trees, despite the incessant gnawing hunger pangs and rumbling stomachs… you get the drift…

Anyway, I once heard the woman in the course of her sermon once say that coitus was the forbidden fruit.

Wasn’t SEX. It was genetic Engineering experiment in which part of DNA of the Original was altered by his rival ENKI. After that man was able to Make Tools, Plant seeds, Make clothing from yarn and hide discovered FIRE



It gets better,the snake had legs…Genesis 3:14-15, [COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life, i guess the legs were yanked off:D
Indeed it was sex otherwise theres no reason for a god to curse Eve
“…your sorrow and your conception;
In pain you shall bring forth children…” reference to the not yet born Cain and subsequent Able? ,since man has now known or stumbled upon “how to create” ,the g man is pissed .
Side note: why do folks picture adam and eve having belly buttons?:D:D

Wewe kazi yako ni ku browse and when you hear someone preach a topic na ikufurahishe, you come rushing here half cocked and feed us your bullshit theories.

Si ujiekee tu ama? Nikama some dopamine overflow that its trying to get out of you no other way but through verbal diarrhoea.

Whether you believe in God or you hate Him or whatever, we don’t give a damn.

The forbidden fruit is anal sex

Some kind of experiment to improve human intelligence and be close to God in terms of wisdom must have constituted what the Bible calls the act of eating the fruit from the tree of Life. And what is the tree of Life then? Remember that it is also mentioned in the last chapters of Revelation

What now?

point to ponder

The tree was always there in the middle of the garden but God said do not eat it
Eve eats the fruit being persuaded by satan and transfers the knowledge to Adam
The become aware they are naked and hide themselves
They are punished by God, man will always labour to provide and woman will give birth in pain yet always desire her husband

So what they did made them become aware they are naked and the woman to give birth, this has something to do with reproduction written all over