What tribe has the hottest men?

Is it the olive skinned Indian/Arab bois or the tall darkie darkie jaluos?

What’s your preference?

@12inchbamboo tihihihi
It depends


Malaya ya tatu ontop of @pseudonym na @Purple

In terms of heat, wale weusi I guess…

the tribe defined by the fattest wallets and biggest cars.

uza kuma pole pole:D

ukona matiti kubwa kuma ii

Rephrase the question it supposed to be which is the best soap ya kuosha cooler. Meanwhile tio bila kusumbua

@girlciki93 hii ni swali ya NV meanwhile chukua kuberiti uisugue kwa vulva yako Shenzi

from that statement,i can deduce that you like a good 'ol chicken tandoori and a shish kebab stuffed in them buns.

@Bingwa Scrotum? What tribe is he?

Autocorrect, umesema nini hapo?

I love your humility @Purple !
All amount of insult to the intelligent hot looking woman behind your handle just seems to rub off seemlessly!..
I want you to know that I hope that all of your dreams come true!
You are the most down to earth talker I know and for all your achievements, we are proud of you!

Wishing you all the best @Purple !

Malaya ni Malaya tuuuuuuu

I second you bro @Ka-Buda. My Sis takes the hits and shrugs them off like water off a duck’s back. Na jee si you normally partake in kututusi kikikikikikiki… ati we are desperate diasporians dying for your dick:D.

I am immensly proud of her too and her achievements. So humble and so kind. That is our @Purple. The MoDs made a v good decision in making her our Women Rep.

let women answer.


Back on this thread as I did not do the due diligence yesterday. By tribe, I am assuming you are referring to our nation. If you are…I would go for the latter huko Western Kenya. The Luhya man wins hands down as he is humble, domesticated, polite and has tonnes of respect. Kwanza ujue if you part ways, watoto ni wake. Where I come from in Greater Kiambu, ni tembea na watoto ‘wako’

Oh the Kale man…another keeper

The Jengs are good but there is a huge culture clash between us. Hizo tero buru na sijui maneno mengi/stereo types which won’t help here…do not go well together.

Nikitoka huko naenda down to the Coast Region. Some great qualities there lakini not the waarabus. The real locals.
Nikichoka na huko nitembee kwa Gavana Nanok.

Keep it lighthearted if you may.