What to know about swallowing semen

Swallowing semen: Safety, benefits, and risks

@sludgist you are usually the first to comment on these types of topics tupe maoni

Nilikuwa na ex nikipull out nilikuwa nakaza an extra 2 seconds niingize kwa mdomo ameze. Her face was glowing during those times

Mazee all the nutrients, minerals etc coming out of the man, and into her body, they will glow and have excellent skin.

If as a man hujai pata dem anameza njoti zako you need to revise your life ujue nini mbaya …these bishes love that shit

mamako amemeza njoti mbili msitoo zangu asubuhi nenda umulize

Sisi ni waokovu ,we’ve been born and brought up in church.


Avoid nyamachoma and take pineapples regularly. She’ll always swallow your cum and beg for more.


Hii upuzi inatokanga wapi?

i always say the same shit too, if you have never had a bittch suck out the load out of your diek unafaa usimame mbele a kioo uulize uyo jamaa shida yake ni nini?..i once had a 20 year old who would suck my meat nikikaribia kunjotika she deepthroats unasikia ni kama unapigwa na a mild electric shock for 5 seconds and i think that is a feeling every man[SIZE=7] MUST[/SIZE] experience.