What to expect in a Marriage to Baboons


Baboon? And the generalization? Such bile yet you came from one? Why?

No my pops is a junguu like me :p:cool:

The title is funny coz she’s got the face of a baboon. No wonder she got dumped. She should sire with jungus as you advised. It will even out the disproportionate facial features for her daughters’ genes, whom might then be accepted by Kenyan men.

si utuonyeshe perfect white Orangutan yako ama pia wao wamekukata?



Yet I’m the racist huh? You mofos want mzungu genes but you call me a racist. At least my love of jungus is all about their brains. Nyinyi you want euro centric features small nose yet nyinyi wenyewe mapua ni pancakes and you know girls look like their dads. Anyway, my pointee kids won’t marry nugus I will send them abroad as soon as they get done with high school. Staki hizi nugu touching my immaculate kids. Especially if it’s a girl I will indoctrinate her properly. A monkey can not touch my daughter, pure Aryan blue eyes, Ash blond only. Sina genes za kuwaste.

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Kuja ni click hio clit yako

As a (wo)man thinks so is (s)he, Proverbs 23:7 that’s what the Bible says.Looks like God is right again  Ata Precious hataki baboons. So proud of her, Eve and Serena. Women are waking up. I can send you somewhere where they’re getting Kenyan women pure Aryan kids. They have done over 1k in few years. The revolution is on. Annihilation to the baboon. Tuendelee hivyo hivyo until we wipe out the orangutans genes.


Your dreams are valid kapondi. Finish these wide nosed, thick lipped, low IQ booty scratching niggers. Hawana kazi isipokuwa breathing in all the white mans oxygen with their gorilla nostrils. Wamalise kabisa siste

@Chiefguest ashamaliza kuingiza kidole yake kwa buttcrack yako halafu akakupatia unuse?

Alifirwa akiwa mdogo na rela.
Don’t mind her.

Kwa ground mambo ni different. German supermodel Heidi Klum with her kids.


Mkuu,hii inaitwa self-hate

Yaani anatukana wanawake weusi and yet he came from one…

Hii ni tragedy

This explains ALOT about you and your posts. No wonder you’re an anonymous social justice keyboard worrier. You don’t see yourself as an African. You’re a racist curse left on our continent by your dad. If you don’t like black men, why not relocate to Europe?

Why school your children in a Zoo? Kids are getting exposed to sex at younger ages than your generation did. By the time your daughter atoke highschool atakuwa amepigishwa chain by the monkeys you love to hate.

Take them to their ancestral land already and don’t forget your racist ass too. Now that we know, you’re not one of us. Quit spilling your bile everyday and pack up already.

For the same reasons white folk relocate to Africa. The weather. Usiniletee mafeelings retarded gorilla.

Monkeys are barrel bottom. You meet a woman pregnant with a white billionaires kid, you marry her then she divorces your desperate pathetic monkey ass. Si all these women including Kim Kardashian and the other Chinese Kim divorced their Blackies and went back to white men. You really think these women like you. They love your pocket stupid monkey.