What to do when drug addict turns violent

So last night I was out with a fren. A widow who is like a mom to me, she has a big son older than me who has been an addict of hard drugs since high school. He drinks to blackout and still uses hard drugs. He has become incapacitated and can’t do anything productive with his life. He is the only boy and middle child with 2 siblings.

Now the mom has done everything for him, even helping him to buy drugs at times so that he won’t go to the streets like other addicts with hostile family members. She did a big wedding for him, she provides for his wife and son.

Now problems began when he started injecting himself with a new drug he’s not been using. He has become violent and if he asks for something and she denies him, he will break things and even threaten to burn the house. She’s been forced get him arrested but can’t keep him in jail for ever.

He’s been to rehab but he just keeps relapsing. How can she handle it bcz her life is in danger.

Iyo like Ni ya paragraph

I am trying to reform. New Year resolutions.

Hiyo unawekea rat rat na unasahau hio story. The guilt will eat you for some time but later you will have peace.

That’s why nobody celebrates Father’s Day.

You have a lot of friends.

Was he the “promised prince” that you were to wed? And thats why you are angry at men? Am sorry siz he is a gone case kaput! Done and dusted! But that doesn’t mean he has to drag you with him!!! In my line of work we say “once lost in the jungle stop whatever foward mobility and retrace your steps back to the last known point and then plot the course afresh” you can do that with your life. Merry Christmas kapondi

That boy will eventually Destroy or worse kill Her, Why can’t she try this Give him Disulfiram without the Boys Consent, it’s meant to bring very Undesirable side effects. I strongly recommend that.




What exactly do you mean? Mrs-My-Dad-Never-Dicked-My-Mom-I-Was-Instead-Conceived-Through-Bluetooth.

What does disulfiram do? And how is it administered?

Alcoholism medication
It can treat problem drinking by creating an unpleasant reaction to alcohol. It’s used in recovery programs that include medical supervision and counseling.

What if overdose is administered. What l think that mother hyo shimo alichimba mwenyewe. Angangane na hali yake

Very sad am glad I recovered before getting there

Recovery works if the addict gets over denial and admits they have a problem

Antabuse medication that produces an acute sensation in ethanol. Once someone Drinks and takes the drug it produces unpleasant symptoms like vomiting, Headache and more.
The drug remains in the body, next time the alcoholic will taste or smell alcohol the sensation comes back again.

Wow. Never heard of it. Thanks. And Merry Christmas.

He is sick already. Please come to my office we can help him. Don’t wait he can cost u a lot pls. Our office n rehab is in ongata ronga. WhatsApp no 0755473350 for details.

Thanks. I will forward it to the mom. Merry Christmas.