What they are saying down in Mombasa

@Meria Mata, toa maoni yako! [ATTACH=full]47519[/ATTACH]

Jubilee kazi kwenu. The Coast is yours for the taking!

Our town has gone to the dogs, tourists ni hekaya but Joho will win with a landslide

Mpaka hapo, pewa mboko mbili kwa bill yangu!

Hapo, yawezekana, lakini ni ngumu sana!

Joho will win at 6am on the voting day

Joho is a demi-god at the coast especially with the locals not wabaraa

That’s the way the cookie crumbles …:frowning:

Uhuru’s popularity at 68% but 60% of Kenyans think Kenya is headed the wrong way! All polls from the same pollster


Only in Kenya

You should know the number of threads here at Ktalk celebrating that 68% :cool::cool::cool:

Cant blame em , he is still the best amongst the worst:D

Don’t worry about the so called Ktalk politicians,most of them don’t even vote on election day. Utawapata hapa hapa on election day 6am asubuhi posting pictures of how pple have woken up early to go vote for uhuru na yeye amekalisha matako nyuma ya computer bragging how they are gonna win na kumbuka hajatoka na hatatoka kwa hao hio siku kwenda kupiga kura

Ugonjwa ya middle class!

siwessvote in 2017! i’m done lining up to install the same colobus monkeys from different forests in the same offices.

Apathy is real

Last time I voted was Kibaki’s first term. I haven’t found a reason to go q in the sun since and I don’t see it 2017.
2022 probably.
Mombasa I know Joho will win, his main opponent will be Omar, coz please don’t say Awiti unless he learns how to express himself in English or Swahili, how he got Nyali is something that needs to be investigated.
I’d rather have Joho ten times over than Omar