What the fuck is it!?

We see it every morning, it has a lot of colour, some have more than a 100 others have none. Shaffie came with it from Mombasa and Trump got it.

Hii ni kitu gani Kiss wanatuuliza ati ukipata upewe over 100k, @ yo elders hii kitu ni nini?

Maybe ‘rays from the raising Sun’.

Hata mimi nauliza!!


Leta 50k peasant a-------t

sidhani, how has Trump got it

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twitter followers

Does twitter have more than 100 colour n other twitters none?

Boeing 763


Answer is Bingwa
He has 100 alternative handles
Some talkers have none

Different colours on each handle like mishty and Mguu tatu

How shaffie and trump came in only Bingwa can tell

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maybe shaffie smokes shisha and tramp smells ass

Whigs/ weaves

People still listen to that shit radio station??



I think its dreams.

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Shaffie came from Mombasa with “rays from the rising sun”…are u stupid? Answer is sun-burn/ tan.

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All yo ktalkers can’t crack it…chukueni viti