What the fuack!


Ujinga gani huu???


a million people send “no” na wana zao kama 3M…not bad for a day’s “work”…


An inside job at safcon

i guess any “content generator” can negotiate for a premium number service…


Another piece of annoying sh*t from safcon.


safcom ni wezi

At least this days Safcom will warn you before premium rate service providers try to force recruit you and eat your credit. In the past they would force recruit you and then charge you to opt out. I think CAK should be more firm and penalise the premium rate service providers for force recruitment. Someone sitting down and just adding random numbers into their system is simply open theft.


6 bob per SMS??? are these niggas crazy? and that is the second time I have seen this stuff on my phone!

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I thought they were refunding credit?

They were but the annoying thing is the disconnection of the damn call.

Juzi nilipata ya CRB.Sijui kama ni deni niko nayo ama nini.Registering alone takes away your 50bob.Guys will make money,lot of money

Confirm with CRB haraka, someone might have listed you. Sort it out now when you have the time not when you apply for loan or overdraft.

Sina loan yoyote but like you say I will confirm

My bro was in Kenya juzi from US with his iphone 6s, Verizon plan. They were charging him $3 (300 Kshs) per SMS!! Kurudi kwake alipata phone bill ya over Kshs 320,000. Phone companies are some of the greatest scam artists in the world. I pray for the day they will go bankrupt, just a matter of time.

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hahaha, waah pole kwake!

I’m ditching safaricom. Wezi level 100.

Mbona hakununua sim card? Ama ni wale Sufferah wa kununua simu on plan

Leo wamenikamua 300 drae frae, customer care wamenipa hekaya mrefu ikabidi nmshow Waende wakikauka nimehama. Mpesa tu Sasa.


KCB juzi wananitumia sms ati ooooh loan account iko na arrears ama ni nirushwe CRB , aje na sina account KCB upussy