What the eff...????? They carried the guy's body on a fekkin chevy?????!


Or do my eyes decieve me??!

Is this some sort of message!!!



The gift that keeps giving :D:D

you sir are clearly a dumbass that doesn’t understand how the world works… business is business, feelings tunaachia watu kama nyinyi




Varujean is an armenian,a boy from a shithole cuntry stating the obvious from a bully…more irony





What are the odds? They were ferried in U.S govt. issue Chevy trucks!!!

Qassem :

(They seem to be unknowingly blessing the Chevy. :D:eek:)

Muhandis :


[SIZE=6]U.S fighter jets use arab oil , ama namna gani my fren …[/SIZE]

yes , us has it’s own oil but sijui why they bother with arabian oil fields ?

This is part of their campaign that they have nothing against the US citizens or companies but hate everything to do with Trump and the US military. These guys are just smart.

:D:D Oil from allies like Saudi not from Iran.

Reality ni kwamba that maybe those trucks are what was readily available to the Iraqi govt. but still… but surely there must’ve been a brand new landcruiser in Iraq somewhere that they could’ve used.

This photo below explains it all with all the players included. This conflict about this product that drives this huge American behemoth whose weight the sons of Ishmael must bear.

The huge American behemoth charges through them. They seem to try to hold it back with their small hands. But it is a necessary evil?

These technology. This foreign tool that they must now use to carry their dead.

And the Iraqi soldier has a yellow Muslim scarf of fear… while fully dressed in the uniform of the foreigner… :D:D:D

And the people around also wear this western dress as if they ask what more can we give??? … we accept!!

They feebly hold aloft small pictures of their dead heroes…

And in the background, Western inspired architecture!! They are but mere pawns to the white master.


My fren , algebra and most modern western things came from arabs…

i said arab , i didn’t say iran …