What scares you?

The only thing that ever scares me in life is when SYSTEMS don’t work in a country anymore. This country is heading in a very bad direction and if you actually learnt in school and not cram dozens of textbook you will know it’s a fact. A man has been deported twice in this country against court orders. Whatever political side you support this is simply WRONG. It sets out a dangerous culture that will come to haunt us in some years. Why do I say years? Because I honestly don’t see Uhuru as the type to use his powers to the extreme.

The courts clearly have more power than one man Matiangi. It’s ferking unbelievable that someone chooses to be in contempt of a court order based on his own personal opinions. Madness. Court orders should be followed to the latter for this country to be prosperous. It’s not about Miguna or any other man but protecting law & order in this country. Think about that next time you take this to a political angle.

I thought there’s another more comprehensive thread dealing with this very topic.

what scares me?

Albino frogs

Take your poll, Sir/Madam

Mimi naogopa uji moto, saidi saidi, Kapsa!!!

Mimi na mende nyumba moja hatukai .

Mbwa nyinyi :D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D:Dsome comments walahi

Wengi wanaogopa urinals…
especially if the said urinal is their thread!

kufungiwa cell au mahali siezi jinasua


My daddy! That old man made me lock doors even as a 20-something!

Ofisa mzima???

Reminds me when we were initiates, one was asked what they fear btn ugali kubwa na uji moto, if u said one it mean u loved the other n it was brought to you!

turd burglars

Naogopa msichana amekasirika.Am very helpless at such point

babies, those tiny little things that if you hold too tight you might crush,too loose they slip through the fingers and fall.wacha ikae.

Mimi huogopa kujipata na insomnia na sina kitu ya ku-watch

A misfiring gun in a gun battle. I oil my piece religiously

A container tipping over from a truck in traffic.