What ruins KTalk for you?

Meaningless Threads like this one==> http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/a-thread-about-nothing.27941/

nv hajakuambia poa

huyo jamaa anaitwa @Bingwa Scrotum ako na shida nyingi sana


Good evening Bingwa

@The_Virus you are not serious? Are you really serious?

@admin kukazia XXX

Huyu ni Bingwa king of handles

@Bingwa Scrotum
:smiley: I’ll let you handle this now that you are adversely mentioned

So in an effort to awe and get deek licked you did a very wordy thread spewing peasantry than your whole lineage at the loo
you awed
Coz the best you could get is 2 likes from some hollow brains
And i wouldnt have cared, but you see your little life just wandered on a wrong patch
Joined march 2016, and i have read all your comments and threads and i got one question for mama
What was the pain for?

I can spot a little life from afar
I can see worthless
You aint got much value than jirani’s dick
Jirani’s gay bottom; he daent use it

stupit chokosh wars…

Copycats and crowd psychology.

Dear @old monk @gashwin @The_Virus @kush yule mnono @Abba @Fala 12 @It’s Le Scumbag @hakimoto and all

You are requested to vacate this thread that demeans the Fastest Made V.E.

This is a war zone.

Your rights and respect are suspended while on this thread.


B.S for Bullshit

Statements like ‘UPUSSY and MEFFI’.

THREADS THAT GET DERAILED… Kenyans struggle to stay on topic!!!

Nachukia hawa watu wanacreate multiple handles ili tu watusiane…hawa ni wale watu back in highschool mtu alikuwa na beef na ww…stima zikipotea unaskia umechapwa na makaratasi imetafunwa kichwa…woe unto you kama hamuwa na generator…bitchez!!!