What really is this country turning into?

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The generation of 90s is not shy at all…

Alafu walizaliwa kukiwa na ARVs ,they never saw HIV victims before ARVs so hawaogopi ukimwi

Yeah! This is a game changer for the society… I have heard some mothers praying for their kids born in 90s and 2000s for they are not sure they will find wives in this hoeing society!!

You forgot husbands

Not surprising. Such stuff is all over the internet. Kenyans are pretty timid. Other Africans are way more explicit.

Yeah… Though in the context of the video above it is pointing towards disastrous kungurus born in 90s… perhaps we wait for another one with boys born in 90s and 2000s

I’ll remember this


And this seems to have been meant for Eric Omondi… Chances are that he dry fried all these girls… from the look of things…

Actually, there is nothing here, just that it’s being laid out in public.

Wait till it’s your Dota.

Shakila already claimed to be 5 months pregnant ati wedding will be today with the winner. People will do anything for money.

No wonder some of us are not wife materials. We don’t know styles, we can’t kiss on national TV and we don’t believe in pregnancy outside marriage. We are still traumatized by HIV deaths we saw growing up. Wiping out entire families. I pity parents. They are going through alot with these modern kids.


What I mean is, as far as adult talk goes, there is nothing shocking in what these girls are saying, but it should be for a restricted audience. It’s talk that’s more suited to a whispered tête-à-tête between friends, not a brazen public tussle between rivals who want to win a husband. Traditionally, the essence of modesty is for a lady to keep her bedroom manner under wraps, but this is a very bold, coarse age.

I can’t even hold hands on national TV.

Aren’t you a bit too shy, Ma’am?:smiley:

She was not born in the 90s and is a conservative Meru…

Hata kama:D

I think this is the 21st Century: It seems we have to live with it… See this: