what part of treason is hard to understand

do you realize in other places capital punishment is actually administered!!
we just put a two faced blubber mouth in an aeroplane to canada for his own safty
but hear all the cries and noise about dictatorship!!
what a bunch of cry babies!!!
you lost !!!
and its really looking like you will never win an election, ever!!! unless the tectonic plate that sits on mount kirinyaga sinks into the lava below!! never!!
worst that happened was a stinking general, not showerd or wiped his behind in a week, embarass us in schipol!!

I can’t read this bullshit.

Learn to start a sentence with a capital letter!

Is this the wisdom you bring from your Sabina Joy visits you little piece of shit?

We dealing with a bunch of fat cannibals with an astronomical sense of entitlement.
You have to employ other tactics as civility and diplomacy is a vocabulary in their quarters.
This is what GoK needs to realise but hey what do I know?


sounds like some one is hurting!
and oh yeah, you do learn alot in sabina joy!

yes, some of those mbishes talk more sense than some so called pink handles here, am not mentioning names…cough cough radical cough cough…:stuck_out_tongue:

how many sex positions can you really learn???school doesn’t remove stupid. its a badge you will carry to your grave.

these girls make sense more than a whole mammoth crusade of ojingabots in uhuru park. they are hustling and slaying while you are paying homage to jakom in the hot sun while inhaling tear gas!!

oooh you meant make more sex. I agree. sex is pleasure not a career.

say what you want, these girls are smarter than you nasa beggars

all beggers, prostitutes, thieves and dawa ya mende hawkers are jubilee idiots.

It’s long since we said it - RWNEBP

umenikumbusha narcos?

proof that people from mount kenya suffer too. we are humans too, in case you doubted it

this then is a parody. if you suffer like us, why wont you stop the suffering, do you enjoy it? or are you deluded that when uhuru eats you do too? fight for better services for these people.

i am not pro uhuru you clown. i dont worship a human. unlike you ojingabots

where does worship come it. Africans and religious stupidity will be the end of you.

who even said am religious? why are you assuming stuff?

equating everything to worship. a religious act. be factual