What other world leaders tweet...

What other world leaders post as you dance to the BBI tune

Well, first go ask your master where the money for dam is among other projects then you’d get the moral authority to talk about this. Unfortunately your master and Ouru have messed up the economy so tweeting about such , leave alone building it, will be an impossibility. Tungeionea Viusasa but pia naskia Ouru hataki story ya Viusasa

Who is my master… Do you think i speak or bootlick Ruto? Separate me from that short sightedness… I think i am the one who has said here all top kenyan leaders are uselsss many times and whether Uhuru Ruto or Raila wins no difference… So leave me alone

Ruto is a psychopath… if you know what a psychopath can do… then you will steer away from him.

  • cheats
  • wants to be loved or seeking higher position to dominate
  • they will do anything to get what they want
  • evil


Si hii India bado iko na ile train hubeba raiyaa 1 million at anyone time

Jameson one is like @Siko_Twitter

Na bado wanakunia kwa reli.

Siku moja kwa CNN niliona ati hawa wahindi wamekunia juu ya reli hadi waka derail train literally. Sad state of affairs.

Na bado wanachoma miili pale Ganges na kukunywa hio maji… na kukunia hapo ndani… if that river could talk…