What next for Nairobi?

NMS has not been that good for Nairobi but I fear more the fact that the likely candidate to win Nairobi gubernatorial elections such as Wanjiru Sakaja Dennis Waweru Sifuna and Babu Owino will do more damage to Nairobi than before.
I wish it was possible for this Nairobi County to be disbanded and just have it placed under govt and be ran by appointed officials who can be sacked when they don’t deliver

Let it hit rock bottom.

Lieutenant Badi akisimama governor, kiti anachukua 7am

He’ll be on a different terrain if elected Governor, but he’ll still deliver

Mlikataa BBi

@BBIsiMuhimu kwa sasa, wacha kwanza client 13173 achomolewe tupate mwizi mupya

if Raira wins NMS will continue

County Government’s will take time to mature, but Nairobi should remain under National Government.

What has NMS done that Sonko and Kidero did not do?

Gassia! Learn to punctuate your work kijana!!

You vote for idiots then unakuja kutupigia kelele…
You are the leaders you elect…

Tim Wanyonyi for Nairobi governor.
If jambazi sugu Babu Owino becomes Nairobi governor, he will bankrupt everything.


BadiSpensa hawezi hata ganner 60 votes.

Quite alot actually…before you type anything remember it’s metropolitan, a bigger area than Nairobi county.

No NMS and the nairobi metropolitan parastatal are different. and both are useless