What might be the likely event on this day 12th

When the true and legitimate peoples president who won out rightly but they refused to open the servers for in that knowledge is sworn in to the seat he deserves?

acha nitoroke mbio before the Mungiki die hard nikama wanakula mavi ya Udhamaki wafike kutroll


We in Jubilee moved on. Let him be sworn in , whatever makes Baba feel Natural.


does anyone want to answer this or we discuss something else?


This is in order…


Good. Thread closed.
See you in another post.


hii post si ya mamako

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vile @1776 amesema

Let him swear himself in as peoples president, mtu wa watu, president of the kisiagi owners association, president of maendeloe ya wanawake, president of slay queen association BUT NOT PORK.

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i love these reactions…there are people wanaweza kufa juu ya politics

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga is ready for dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta but there is a condition, his adviser Salim Lone has said.

In a statement on Wednesday, Lone noted Raila has always been open to dialogue and even called for this before elections.

Disagreements concerning lack of reforms and rigging saw Kenya’s election cycle drag on from August 8 to November 28 when Uhuru was sworn-in after October’s repeat vote.

“There was no interest in dialogue nor in holding an honest election. He has repeatedly indicated his willingness to enter into dialogue, even now, if it is held between equals as was done in 2008 between a sworn-in President Kibaki and Raila,” Lone said.

The adviser said the NASA leader’s only condition is for there to be an agreed agenda.

“This should, unlike in 2008, include electoral justice. Raila is holding the country together through his commitment to pursuing constitutional and peaceful means of resolving issues,” he said.

He noted “crimes against Kenyans have brought us to this sorry and explosive pass.”

The adviser further noted Raila’s swearing-in that has been scheduled for December 12, which is Jamhuri day, is legal and will prevent polarisation.

He said the inauguration was in line with the law that it will be done to save Kenya from electoral injustices.

“Raila’s swearing-in will help prevent further polarisation by giving Kenyans hope for electoral justice that was denied them, under a genuinely independent IEBC,” he said.

“It will also give new impetus for the People’s Assembly to guide county assemblies in urgently addressing a number of pressing economic and justice issues that will provide material benefits to our people.”

NASA earlier wrote to 10 county strongholds asking them for a date for the swearing-in.

Lone said the President has not taken any action to lower tempratures so the inauguration is their only option.

“Kenya has never been as polarised as it has been the last few months. Not a single action has been taken by Uhuru’s regime to lower the temperatures,” he said.

“Indeed, even after the Supreme Court validated his October 26 win, and again as he was being sworn-in last week, he unleashed the police, who killed more than two dozen lawful protesters.”

Uhuru commended police for doing a good job but rights groups have raised concerns about deaths. Raila claimed 215 people were killed in the election period.

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Hatukukataa kufungua server, tulitafuta the right spanners tukakosa. Kama uko nazo leta tutumie

Baba has declared endless times that he will be sworn in.
He shall feel orgasmic if he is sworn in. So no need to stop him.

Why is RAT referred to as General kakende?

Isn’t this furthering what they claim it’s supposed to heal?

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First of all… the server was opened and we found out about Chebukati’s login, KIEMS gps among other things.
Second of all, that election was nullified and we went for another.

Third, these people’s assembly will expose Baba for the fraud that he is, after majority counties rubbish the bill.
I don’t know what lie Sisyphus will concoct after it becomes crystal clear he never had the majority from head to toe.

Finally, as a Jubilee supporter, I would like Sisyphus to be sworn in on 12th, so that his cult members can finally see him for the fraud he is, after doing exactly nothing to show he is president.
In my view, he has taken you for a ride for far too long. If on 12th he fails to sleep at State House, stone the guy.

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