What matters in a man

It’s that time to hand hold Kenya men again. Acheni kutusumbua. If you have nothing to bring to the table priss go do something with your life then wait for those beautiful ones who are not yet born. And stop this stupid cope that you will have fun when you are 50 years old or whatever. If you’re not attracting women in your teens, 20s and 30s you are a loser. Stop trying to cope lol. Ati, “siku moja…hao wasichana ndio watakufuata.” Lol. Where? Stop being a fool and get one of these 3 ama zote. Bring the full package, the competition is stiff…tihihihihi

1. Looks
If you are a guy and you are a looker I will put up with your BS. There are not that many good looking men to go round. So if your God and your parents blessed you with looks jua you are option number 1 for us ghels. Kuna different levels of handsome. Some guys you just want them to slam you on a table and…you feel me :wink: lol. Others you want to show off to your friends and frenemies.

2. Money
If you are ugly at least kuwa na pesa. We can even choose money over looks if those cute boys Anza kuringa loool. Imagine some random boy texting you and it’s your crush that is online lol. Lakini pesa is not a bad compromise. A man must have monieee

3. Personality

Sura average na pia uko stingy, si you just off yourself? Lol at least be interesting. Make me laugh, make me pay attention, make me text you first. Make me be proud to know you. Some of you guys are basic as hell, Kama si clueless opinions vile Ruto atashinda Raira ni obsession over some football teams in Europe. Eeeh Manchester this eeeh Messi that. World Cup unaskia jinga inasema vile inasupport Brazil. Loool Kwani hauna nchi. How can you “support” another country when the national anthem part is irrelevant to you.

Reverse the order. 2,3,1. Money, personality then looks. I am not blessed in the look department. In my 20s women would look at me then stoop their heads down. Now, with my balding self, they look and smile at me. A warm inviting stare.

Men want beautiful women. Women want men with money. And these stereotypes hold true for rich and poor, young and old, high school dropouts and university graduates, and even those who think they’re hot and those who think they’re not, according to new research published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Personality and Individual Differences.

The gender difference was less stark when the results grouped those who rated a characteristic either “essential” or “desirable”, but the pattern was nonetheless the same.

When it comes to choosing a mate, both men and women try to “maximize their genetic contribution to future generations”.

“Men can do this by partnering with women possessing cues of youth and fertility, and so have evolved to find such cues attractive and important, whereas women can do this by partnering with men with resources to maximize the survival and mating prospects of their children.”

Sounds familiar, but the results get more interesting when we start to break them down. Sometimes it boils down to the stage you are in - in your life, just like how old you are. :slight_smile:


Nilitoka huko kitambo. Did my maths, and buying pus$y carried the day.

Where I am and the people surrounding the case is vice versa, girls started looking for money and buying vitzs through loans and now they are in their mid thirties, desperate with no men to ask them even for directions.
If you make a mistake of approaching her she sticks around like super glue.
I have seen a nurse giving a makanga money to go and pay dowry if money is the problem.
I have seen a principal sueing a yogurt hawker for not being present and play further figure roles , and she knows she is a second wife. And many more…
With the few examples I wonder what choices and options women are left with considering the ratio is 1:4.
Isaiah 4:1
When that time comes, seven women will grab hold of one man and say, “We can feed and clothe ourselves, but please let us say you are our husband, so that we won’t have to endure the shame of being unmarried.”

maybe the ninjas hawaoni haja ya kuput any effort towards u coz uko down
ama kuna madame wengi hadi haoni haja ya kujitolea

Jana nikiwa hustle zangu I struck a conversation with an ‘shiny-eye’ old cucu. Aliniambia this generation(ya under 30’s) is fucked up. Ati kitambo women cared about what ‘their’ men were ‘doing for money’ - they showed concern and were practical in supporting their men earn a living. Siku hizi women don’t care where the money comes from (Maribes) steal it, kill for it, whatever you do -you women don’t give a damn. - You just want the ‘highlife’. Spending what you didn’t earn, Slaying and all that comes with it.

In my line of work… Mostly mjengo services . I rarely come into contact with female customers. Ati ‘’ hii chuma/mbao/mawe ni how much? - zero. Fundi mimi hulipa hawana 1,2 and 3 but they bang and use all the little money they had left on these women who have ‘standards’. I’ve come to realise that women don’t even “notice” men. They notice what a man has. No-wonder every Kenyan man is on a dick-measuring contest ati who has how many V8’s and what not.

Ok, and after getting all that what do you bring to the table?
A nice looking blonde who laughs at my every joke but has room temperature IQ?
A great figure and sex that I will get tired off after some time and then start chasing the next PYT?
Your kind of logic is the reason why men will continue using and dumping girls with a similar mindset and occasionally when the girls think their bodies entitles them more than the man is willing to give your grieving relatives will be left with only a body to bury.
Change your mindset girl, no one owes you a living.

In this era girls look at nothing but money…there are many chances of a wealthy man getting laid than a not-so-moneyed guy…
Hata madem hutetea machali wao kulingana na wealth if they have other shortcomings … ‘usikione hivo, Kina doh’…

I don’t have any money. Am a graduate very bitter with life talkers know about it but I keep fucking girls left right and centre. I guess its because i am tall. if a woman is with you because of money and the other stuff this bitch has said then know you don’t have a girlfriend that’s a whore because down right if the money disappears she will also disappear.

Men too, at least nowadays, look at money as a very attractive quality in a woman. Being so called pretty and young doesn’t cut it anymore. Things have really changed, whereby even the wealth of the girl’s family is considered because if she comes from a poor background, the guy knows he’ll be responsible for her parents and siblings’ upkeep etc.

Beauty may be important but there are a dime a dozen beauties getting no marriage proposals. Of course they get solicited for sex, however I’m talking long term commitment.

Teenage girls & those in early 20s really care about looks, those in mid 20s and above know what it means to have a man with loaded wallets.

This is true. You’ve got to compensate your inadequacies. If you’re an ugly muther fucker, you better make up for it with tons on money or a magnetic personality.

Mwacha mila ni mtum(b)wa

Sisi watu walinyimwa sura na hatuna pesa tufanyaje sasa, do we seek permanent solace in Palmella ama tuende tukikaukanga?!

Huwezi nyimwa kila kitu…there must be something that you have which others dont…maybe you are smart…or funny…or tall. I believe we all have something to bring to the table…although I disagree with all this shit about women trying to set standards which they themselves don’t have…it’s esp worrisome when the lady insisting on standards ain’t rich, beautiful nor smart

I disagree slightly. No 3 comes 1st, then 2, then 1. I cannot cope with some disrespectful sod, a bully or a man with a chip on his shoulder. Awe na pesa enough but we can always team work here coz pia mimi niko na zangu. Looks ni relative but you will struggle to keep a tight leash on a v ‘pretty’ Kenyan boy. Besides @girlciki93 looks do fade.

:D:D:D:D:D sema kujipa comfort because you’re “rich” and 39???


Hiyo ni yako. Mimi najua most females sikuiz are super daft and fall for the flimsiest lies a man can peddle. Hizo standards za pesa ni zenyu tu. Women are the same. Ukitaka she sticks around just be yourself, dont try to act like Dangote wakati wewe ni some Sonko wannabe. Being a man is a guarantee that you will always attract ladies who you want.

PS Looks do not apply to men. We are the hunters after all.